Church Somoim is often gathered by the same people repeatedly in a small space. Experts say that if there is an infected person, the chances of a virus spreading between a close conversation and singing a hymn are bound to increase.

This is reporter Kim Hyung-rae.

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notice was issued to the church where confirmed persons related to the Bible study group were closed indefinitely to prevent corona19.

Neighbors say that around 10 people gathered regularly at the church, and it was an environment where the droplets spread easily, such as singing a lot.

[Nearby residents: (What do you usually do inside?) I sang, I sang. (Continue?) Yes. (Hymn?) I don't know, whether it's a hymn or the first hymn I've heard ... .] In

the case of Sunday worship, the rules of quarantine, such as floating, are relatively observed.

[Park Chan-hoon / Chief of Culture and Tourism, Incheon City: It is different from general worship because it is a Bible meeting. It

was also pointed out that the participants of the religious gatherings maintained close relationships through repeated meetings, and thus lowered awareness.

[Korea University Student Missionary (CCC) officials: There is a lack of comfort in doing this without a mask, so there was a shortage ... .]

In particular, the Bible Study Group of the Native Language Bible Society and the Bible Study Group of the Pioneer Church were attended by pastors and evangelists from various churches, so the risk of spreading to a wide area increases when an infection occurs.

Health authorities have asked to replace face-to-face meetings such as Bible studies, prayer meetings, and retreats for a while.

(Video coverage: Yongjin Joo, Dongdongcheol Kang, video editing: Lee So-young) 

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