Recently, the stock market shook because of corona, and more and more people were doing stocks recently. In fact, this year, more than 50 trillion won of individual investors' money flowed into the stock market. I'm going to take a picture that climbs the gap, and there are more companies that intercept only money by saying that it guarantees a few percent profit.

Reporter Park Chan-geun covered.

<Reporter> A

'reading room', a staple that leads to a surge in stocks and a time to buy and sell through a chat room.

I have been consulted directly in 'Reading Room' advertised on social media.

When asked how much money he can make, he usually answers more than 200%.

They also ask how they learned about themselves.

Housewife A also received an advertisement text and participated in this reading room.

[Mr. A / Experienced in 'Leading Company': Why did stocks suddenly rise after a lot of stocks lately? It would be better to be helped than to do it personally (I wanted to.)]

I sent a 3.5 million won fee for a six-month fee called 'Reading Fee', saying that if you buy and sell only the items you take on time, you are guaranteed a high profit.

But in two weeks, I lost millions.

[Mr. A / Experienced as a 'Leading Company': Losing money, struggling with stocks ... All of the subscription amount was paid and it was done.]

These 'leading companies' advertise for SNS or texts and guarantee high profits of 200 to 300%.

It is not just advisory, it also encourages tens of millions of dollars to be sent to their accounts.

Then, in the process of investing, they all intercepted money and intercepted money.

[Mr. B / Victim of 'Leading Company': (10 million won was deposited) 750,000 won was returned. I cried a lot at night when I was sleeping at dawn. I was too pathetic for myself.] You can simply report

a similar investment advisory that provides dues and investment information to an unspecified number of people through securities broadcasting.

However, it is illegal to consult on a one-to-one basis or receive investment directly.

[Jaehan Han / 'Leading Company' Lawyer in charge of the damage lawsuit: Almost 99% just buy it. You need to look at this to see if you're advertising too exaggerated. .] The

financial authorities focused on the “stock reading room,” which is an illegal investment advisory service and collects fees.

(Video coverage: Senior Citizens, Dong-hyuk Yoo, Video editing: Ha Sung-won, CG: Cho Soo-in)