More cashless cashless payments Restaurant customers Corona measures May 31 11:21

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, more and more people are opting for cashless payments instead of cash, and the stores are taking steps.

At restaurants in Shibuya, Tokyo, the ratio of cashless settlement was around 10% to 20% before the declaration of an emergency, but over the past week, it has increased to around 40%.

The store sees an increasing number of people avoiding the cash that many people touch, and one female customer who was paying with smartphone payment said, `` Bills and coins may be infected, cash Is a little worrisome. "

The store is increasing the means of payment, such as introducing electronic money for transportation, and the owner Kazumi Hashimoto of the restaurant "Margo delie Ebisu" said, "It is safe as a store considering the risk of staff infection". It was

According to a survey conducted by a user of a household account book, Money Forward, this month, 40% of the approximately 7,800 respondents are using cashless payments because of the new coronavirus. It means that I answered.

When asked why,
44% of the respondents answered that they would pay quickly at the cash register to shorten contact time, and
27% answered that they would prevent infection by touching cash.

Cashless payment is recommended by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as a practical example of a new lifestyle to prevent new coronavirus infection.

Expert "Indication of changes in people's consciousness and behavior"

"The problem of the new coronavirus is changing people's consciousness, behavior, and lifestyle, which is a factor that promotes cashlessness," said Nobu Research Institute's Toei Kiuchi Executive Economist. I will.

In addition, "When introducing credit cards, there may be a concern that the store side will increase the burden of fees, but if the demands of users increase, we will have to respond and we will encourage cashlessness. It will be an opportunity. "