The proposal of the Minister of Public Accounts Gérald Darmanin to generalize employee share ownership to all structures, formulated in the "JDD", Sunday, does not convince companies. They consider the measure disconnected from reality, even symbolic. 

Should employee shareholding be generalized? This is in any case the proposal of the Minister of Public Accounts to increase the purchasing power of the French and revive an economy hard hit by the coronavirus crisis. If profit sharing and participation mainly concern large companies and 15% of employees in SMEs, Gérald Darmanin therefore wants to extend them to all structures, even the smallest.

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"Distributions are already made in SMEs when the results are good"

A proposal disconnected from reality for the president of the National Confederation of very small businesses, Jean-François Ferrando, who reminds the microphone of Europe 1 that "bonuses and distributions are already made in SMEs when the results are good" . The timing of this idea also questions, while the coronavirus has brought many companies to the brink of bankruptcy. Not to mention that the question of setting up such a cumbersome device for small businesses is not settled. 


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A symbolic measure

A set of factors that make the director of the Savings Circle Philippe Crevel say that this is a symbolic announcement. "When we fear social conflicts and wage demands, it's a way of kicking the ball. It is quite common in France to use employee savings in these cases." In any case, Gérald Darmanin claims to have already expressed his idea to Emmanuel Macron and Édouard Philippe, recalling in passing a strong argument while the French debt should exceed 115% of GDP at the end of the year: participation allows improve purchasing power without further deepening public finances.