Technical specialists and experts in the technical sectors reported that the expansion of remote work policies raised the indicators of demand in the local labor market, at great rates, on various technical jobs in support of telecommunications transitions, most notably the network staff, software development, website management, e-commerce and cyber security.

They pointed out to «Emirates Today» that they have monitored a rise during the recent period, with rates exceeding 31%, in job advertisements for specialized sectors in the Internet, e-commerce and software development.

Growing rates

In detail, Rashid Al-Omari, the first strategic expert for business solutions at VMware International for Technology Solutions, said that “the expansion of work remotely, which recorded great growing rates in various sectors recently, was reflected in its role in raising the demand in labor markets for cadres’ jobs Specialized technology, which has a major role in completing and supporting the processes of transformation to work remotely in a number of companies, especially those that did not have specialized cadres in that field or an incomplete technical structure for remote business management ».

He added that «technical jobs in general have witnessed a remarkable growth in demand during the recent period, especially the specialized cadres in developing and managing sites, in addition to the cadres specialized in network security or cyber security, which specializes in the tasks of preserving privacy and addressing any attempts to penetrate the systems and networks of companies during direct Businesses remotely, especially those that were not previously used to complete them remotely, ”pointing out that“ through monitoring the markets, finally, the indicators of demand growth on a number of technical jobs within the system of change in the business sectors are evident in the need to shift to work remotely ” .

Employment procedures

For his part, Akram Assaf, director of the technology department at, said, “In light of the spread of the Corona virus, many companies were forced to adopt remote work methods and reconsider the procedures for employment and work in relation to specialized technical jobs.” .

He explained that «the number of jobs has registered a growth in the technical jobs sectors with rates exceeding 31%, distributed over the Internet and e-commerce sectors».

He stressed that «according to the Middle East Job Opportunities Index launched by (, recently, the sectors of information technology, the Internet, e-commerce, and consumer goods occupied the top of the list of sectors that will appoint new employees, during the next three months.

He continued, "We expect that some areas such as work sequence management systems and efficiency promotion, information and confidentiality security systems, monitoring and follow-up systems, and artificial intelligence (AI) in its various applications will occupy more importance in the coming period, as well as the Internet of Things and phone applications, and virtual reality." .

He stated that the company «provides access to the largest database in the Middle East, consisting of more than 38 million résumés», pointing out that “we witnessed, in light of the Corona pandemic, an increase in demand for a group of jobs in the UAE, which included software engineers , And administrative or executives of logistical operations, sales representatives and operational support over the phone, as well as the nursing profession ».

“With efforts to combat the spread of the Corona virus, and most companies are forced to adopt remote work policies, technology has become the best way to ensure business continuity. We have noticed a large number of employers and employees on the Internet to perform their daily tasks, in addition to resorting to many Job seekers, to search for jobs online and apply for them directly without the need to leave their homes. Where ( witnessed an increase in people's use of the services of the site by more than 24.46% since the beginning of the year, compared to the same period in 2019, i.e. an average of 1.5 million views of the site per day.

Virtual technologies He pointed out that «many companies were not convinced in the past of the idea of ​​using remote work tools and virtual technologies to complete the work electronically, but the current conditions made remote work the only solution for many, which in turn reflected the activation of the demand for jobs supporting to complete the transformation processes Required ».

Assaf said, "The (Corona) epidemic, which is being fought by all countries of the world, has had a great impact on working methods and practices, but fortunately technology and the Internet have helped in facing this crisis, and allowed companies to continue their business remotely in a fully virtual world."

And on the other hand, the Corona pandemic had a greater impact in sectors that could not apply the remote work method, such as tourism, travel, aviation, construction, construction, and retail, because the nature of the work of these sectors requires personal presence in the workplace, and these sectors are expected to start recovering Gradually, with easing of the ban and total closure measures and the start of containing the virus.

Assaf said, “The method of remote work imposed by the Corona pandemic will also lead to a shift in the skills required by job seekers, as companies will start to prefer people who have discipline skills without the need for continuous supervision and organizational skills, which makes them able to complete their work for Remotely and independently, in addition to technical skills, enabling them to use the techniques available online to communicate with the team and the customers and perform their duties effectively from a distance. ”

He stated that «the sudden shift in work methods raised feelings of anxiety and uncertainty among some companies at the beginning of the crisis, especially since we had never witnessed such conditions, but many companies were able to adapt quickly to these changes, and most of them touched the positive impact of the remote work method in The productivity of its employees, this method provided more flexibility to employees, and helped to save the time and costs required to go to and from the workplace, and allowed many people to achieve a better balance between their professional and personal lives, which reflected positively on their psyche and morale. And that, despite the positive results that result from remote work style, companies may touch on some challenges, most notably the lack of staff opportunities to learn from colleagues and managers, opportunities to receive feedback and constructive criticism continuously and gradually, and distract attention and the absence of a professional work environment, along with the possibility of exposure Employees are tired of their fatigue and their inability to perceive a balance point between continuous work or failure to perform tasks.

Work and security

For his part, Fadi Younes, Head of Cyber ​​Security Department in the Middle East and Africa region at Cisco Technical Systems, explained that “there is a direct relationship between the hypothetically high rate of work and the need to establish security, and the more remote the work spreads, the more corporate requirements Security, as this stage constitutes a golden opportunity for hackers and digital criminals, and therefore the recent period has witnessed a growth in the demand for specialists in cybersecurity systems within technical jobs by more than 31% ».

He pointed out that «remote work contributed to the increase in demand for technical jobs, and also contributed to the growth in demand for the benefit of electronic security services provided by companies, as the company added - for example - more than nine million users of its electronic security solutions, since Security solutions began rolling out in March, and the number is growing at a rapid pace every day.

Demand rates

In turn, said Information Technology Systems Expert, Dr. Moataz Kokash, that «the increase in the scope of work remotely in various sectors of the country, during the recent period, contributed to raising the rates of demand significantly in the labor market, on a number of specialized technical jobs by more than 31%, Especially on the cadres specialized in site development and management systems, especially since a number of companies did not have a technical infrastructure qualified to work remotely, which made a large number of them resort to employing technical cadres to prepare the company's systems to work remotely ».

He added that «the prosperity of the e-commerce sector and the transformation of a large number of outlets for specialized platforms in that field, in turn, also contributed to stimulating demand for specialized technical jobs, whether in developing websites or in the areas of electronic security, in addition to outsourcing some of those tasks to specialized companies I also worked to recruit specialized cadres in this field. ”

High demand for some services

Gulf Talent, the portal specializing in employment in the Middle East, said: “Not all companies have been affected negatively by the outbreak of the disease, as some have reported an increase in demand for their products and services, especially those active in the field of health care, yet many stated that they were unable to Completely meeting demand due to supply constraints and challenges facing recruitment from abroad, and many retail and restaurant outlets have pointed to a rise in online orders, with a decrease in direct sales. ”

5 positions in the foreground

The LinkedIn platform revealed the jobs that witnessed the largest turnout of users in the UAE, during the emerging Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic, and they are respectively: “Call Center Officer”, “Director of Procedures and Systems”, and “Manager Partnerships, ”followed by“ Customer Service Officer ”, then“ Chief Operating Officer ”. And she indicated that these five jobs witnessed the highest increase in job applications in the UAE, during the period between March and April 2020.

Information Technology will hire new employees within the next 3 months.

The UAE is recording an increase in demand for software and nursing engineers.

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