Dental and dental hygienist practices, botox clinics and IKEA branches are open again, but barber shops are not yet. "It is also not completely comparable," says Gonny Eussen of trade association ANKO. "We understand that toothache is more important than outgrowth." But in the meantime, the water is reaching the lips of a number of entrepreneurs in the industry.

Just like the catering industry, the hairdressing industry had to shut down by the government. "The government support does not cover all costs. The rents continue and the holiday pay is coming," says Eussen. According to her, it is not only the small barber shops that are threatened in their survival. "The bigger ones are also having a hard time, they are often located at A locations with high rents."

According to the ANKO, the authorities are still examining whether the measures proposed by the hairdressers are sufficient to open again. "In Switzerland, this is allowed and in the short term also in Germany and Austria," says Eussen. Both the client and the hairdresser wear a mask there, they work with gloves and there are very strict hygiene measures in the rest of the case.

"We have also proposed that and there is also sufficient availability of the type of mouth masks that can be used for this." The ANKO disputes that opening hairdressing shops leads to extra movements of crowds. "Most people have a hairdresser nearby, we work by appointment and the number of people who can be in the business at the same time is limited anyway."

Besides that the support from the government is not sufficient, hairdressers simply prefer working for their money, according to Eussen. "We hope that we can open again very soon and with us many consumers, according to the various studies."

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