Affected by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the number of international flights has shrunk dramatically. In response to the recent public and industry response to the issue of rising international airfare prices and "sky-high airfare", the head of the Air Transport Sales Agency Branch of the China Aviation Association said in a statement today that he strongly opposed individual passenger agents' infringement of consumer rights and illegal sales International air ticket behavior.

The person in charge pointed out that due to the drastic reduction of international flight capacity and the one-way passenger flow, it is a normal market phenomenon that fares have increased. However, they noticed that, for the sake of their own benefit, individual passenger agents illegally booked seats, illegally occupied flight seats, and illegally increased fare sales. Individuals or business entities engaged in air transportation sales did not have the airline ’s authorized sales agency relationship. The reselling of airline tickets seriously infringes the interests of consumers. As an agent self-regulatory organization, the Air Transport Sales Agency Branch of the China Aviation Association always advocates the maintenance of normal market operation order, resolutely opposes the above behaviors, and condemns its bad behaviors. At the same time, it is recommended that consumers choose to purchase tickets through regular channels as far as possible, so as to avoid providing a living space for criminals.

The person in charge emphasized that it should be noted that most aviation sales agents operate honestly, trustworthyly and legally and have contributed to the market distribution of China's air transportation. In this epidemic, the majority of sales agents suffered unprecedented huge losses. In the early stage of the outbreak, the majority of sales agents took the initiative to assume social responsibility and actively implemented the policies of the State Council and the Civil Aviation Administration to ensure the smooth progress of airline ticket refunds and refunds. It should be pointed out that most of the agency enterprises are small and micro enterprises, and they have also contributed to the increase of taxes to absorb employment. Affected by the epidemic situation, the sales revenue of sales agency companies has dropped sharply, and many companies are facing the risk of breaking the capital chain. I hope that all parties concerned will pay attention to their situation and give them the necessary support and help.

The person in charge finally pointed out that in order to actively implement the requirements of the country to deepen the reform of "decentralization of service", the air transportation sales agency management model reform was implemented in March 2019. The management of sales agents is based on qualification recognition and supervision and inspection. Change from self-discipline management to relying on and exerting the main role of the market. The Air Transport Association will seriously accept and handle consumer complaints generated during the air travel process. (Chairman CCTV reporter Chen Yujie)