IKEA and Designer Outlet Roermond are closed, but those who really need something from the hardware store, from the home improvement store or the garden center at Easter, can in principle go there. "Come alone, make targeted purchases and then go home", is the motto, say the industry organizations unanimously.

In most cases, special measures related to the coronavirus already applied, but these have now been tightened up further. "In stores with more than 1,000 square meters of space, one customer per 25 square meters may be in, in smaller cases: one per 10 square meters," says an INretail spokesperson on behalf of fashion and home furnishing stores.

"Last weekend was a kind of test for the Netherlands with regard to the corona measures in combination with the nice weather. And that test is largely successful." That is why most shops that consumers like to visit on Easter Monday will simply be open. "Also on Good Friday," adds a spokesperson for Tuinbranche Nederland.

There will be no actions or Easter bunnies anywhere

The garden centers see that consumers are very good with the guidelines and rules. "We have noticed that customers have become more spread out in recent weeks, also with the nice weather. This may have to do with the fact that people are working from home or have more free time, but that is going well." Normally it is very busy at garden centers at Easter.

"Then people come with family or friends, drink a cup of coffee, sit on the terrace. That is not the case at the moment. Safety is paramount and we would like to stay open. The weather is fantastic and it is healthy to be in the garden or working on the balcony. " Nowhere, not even at the residential boulevards or hardware stores, will there be special promotions or Easter bunnies walking around.

Many DIY stores have adjusted opening hours, sector organization VWDHZ knows. "They open later and close earlier. Where they have their own parking areas, the influx is regulated if necessary." This happens in the shops anyway. "Only come if necessary," said the spokesman. "Don't come shopping."

INretail also points out that one-way traffic is introduced in shops as much as possible. "Parking guards remind people to keep a sufficient distance from each other in the parking lot, just as happens in the shops. We expect crowds. Saturday crowds, but no Easter crowds."