The "Union Cooperative" called on consumers to change their purchasing patterns during the current period, to reduce the number of visits to the sales outlet, so that shopping is done monthly instead of "weekly".

She assured «Emirates Today» that the value of the products available in its warehouses currently exceeds 540 million dirhams, while products are being supplied with a value ranging between 10 and 15 million dirhams per day, which means that sufficient quantities are available. The "Cooperative" revealed the monitoring of five million dirhams per month for precautionary measures and sterilization.

Man power

The CEO of the "Union Cooperative", Khalid Hamid bin Dhiban Al-Falasi, said that the "Cooperative" is currently facing challenges of retreating its workforce to less than 50%, due to the precautionary measures to confront the spread of the new Corona virus, pointing to the high sales transactions in outlets. The association is 100% compared to transactions before last March.

He added to «Emirates Today» that “the cooperative” implements preventive measures that guarantee reducing the number of work teams, to provide safe distances, and to preserve the safety of workers and shoppers, pointing to the division of the workforce into teams working alternately, during the days of the week, with each team divided into three groups Do not converge directly, to ensure an reduced employee presence.

Employee protection

Al-Falasi pointed out that among the measures taken to protect employees, that the transport buses that used to accommodate more than 80 employees, currently only 19 employees, with daily examination of employees, which increases the pressure resulting from the increase in sales transactions through ports, or through delivery platforms For homes.

Al-Falasi pointed out that the “cooperative” took a measure to limit the entry of employees of the supply companies to the outlets ’branches to refill the shelves with goods, which raised the tasks assigned to the“ cooperative ”themselves to carry out these tasks, in addition to sterilizing the shelves, and sterilizing the product packages before placing them on the shelves Noting that this made the supply trucks that were unloaded in 15 minutes, need four hours.

He revealed that the “Union Cooperative” allocated five million dirhams per month for precautionary measures and sterilization, and includes sterilization of sales outlets, housing for workers, offices, and warehouses, in addition to providing liquid sterilization packages for shoppers at the entry points and free plastic gloves.

Change the purchase pattern

Al-Falasi called on consumers to change purchase patterns during the current period to reduce the number of visits to the sales outlet, to be shopping monthly instead of weekly shopping, in addition to changing the patterns of shopping for fresh goods from "daily" to "weekly", stressing that this is appropriate for the current circumstances And the national sterilization campaign, which calls for not assembling in the sales outlets, and purchasing needs that are sufficient for long periods.

Delivery and supply

“The average number of requests for delivery of goods through the (cooperative) platform was 120 requests per day, to rise during the last period between 600 and 800 requests per day,” said Khalid Hamid bin Theban Al Falasi, CEO of the Union Coop.