(Fighting New Crown Pneumonia) Huada Fire Eye Labs Launched in UAE and Brunei

China News Service Shenzhen, April 2 (Reporter Zheng Xiaohong) Reporter learned from the world-renowned genomics research and development institution Huada Group on April 2 that two overseas "Fire Eye" new crown virus detection laboratories have been opened in the UAE and Brunei To provide scientific guarantee for the local fight against the epidemic.

The "Fire Eye" new crown virus detection laboratory jointly established by Abu Dhabi technology company G42 Group and Huada Group in the UAE was opened on March 29 local time. This is the world's first international cooperation "Fire Eye" laboratory. This is The first "Fire Eye" laboratory running outside China with tens of thousands of new-type crown virus nucleic acid daily detection (RT-PCR) capabilities.

Picture 3: Interior view of the "Fire Eye" New Crown Virus Testing Laboratory in the UAE. Photo courtesy of BGI

The tens of thousands of flux "Fire Eye" New Crown Virus Testing Laboratory in the UAE was built in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, and was completed and put into use in only 14 days. The laboratory will learn from China ’s successful experience in combating the new crown epidemic crisis, accelerate the detection of suspected cases, the screening of high-risk populations, and provide effective scientific evidence for discharged patients to be discharged, enabling the local to respond quickly to sudden outbreaks. This leading advantage It will ensure that the UAE continues to be the country with the highest number of nucleic acid testers in the world's total population (based on data from the World Health Organization WHO).

Under the premise of ensuring local testing in the UAE, the joint laboratory will also radiate the surrounding area and based on Huada's high-throughput sequencing technology, monitor the mutations and other pathogens that may occur during the transmission of the new coronavirus.

Fire Eye Lab Brunei completed in 14 days. Photo courtesy of BGI

On March 30, local time in Brunei, the Brunei "Fire Eye" laboratory constructed by BGI officially started operating locally. This is the first fire eye laboratory set up by Huada in ASEAN countries, which can test 1,000 new coronaviruses per day. Brunei Health Minister officials said that the "Fire Eye" laboratory will increase Brunei's detection capacity by about 4 times.

The "Fire Eye" laboratory in Brunei is equipped with a real-time fluorescent RT-PCR kit for the detection of new crown virus produced by BGI, and BGI has contributed a high-throughput automated sample preparation system MGISP-960 and viral RNA Extracting reagents, this device can quickly diagnose Brunei's new crown virus cases.

According to reports, BGI's real-time fluorescent RT-PCR kit for detecting new coronavirus has reached millions of orders worldwide, covering more than 70 countries and regions, and has arrived in Japan, Brunei, Thailand, UAE, Egypt, Peru, and more.

Huada said that there are currently more than 10 countries and regions "Fire Eye" laboratories under construction or under negotiation. In China, the Fire Eye laboratory has been established in 13 major cities. (Finish)