Promote the transformation of the industry chain to enter the market (Sankei Observatory)
——Survey on the resumption of production and production of ten enterprises in four cities in Hubei

On the premise of strengthening the prevention and control of the epidemic, Hubei has adopted a differentiated strategy to initiate zoning, classification, time sharing, and conditional resumption of production. How are industrial enterprises in Hubei going back to work? What problems need to be solved urgently? Recently, the reporter surveyed and interviewed ten manufacturing enterprises in Wuhan, Huangshi, Shiyan, and Huanggang.

Key industry chains move

As of March 24, nearly 14,000 industrial enterprises above designated size in Hubei have resumed work and resumed production, with a return rate exceeding 90%.

After taking a temperature measurement, spraying disinfectants, and registering personal information, the reporter went into the Dongfeng Honda Plant 2 located in Wuhan Economic Development Zone after passing the "Sandaoguan" strict epidemic prevention.

The signal light flashed and the machine sounded roar. At 9 am on March 23, the assembly shop was in full swing. In the assembly and distribution area, several intelligent handling robots are fully loaded with parts and driven to the assembly line along predetermined tracks. On the assembly line, the car body's electrical installation, interior decoration, and exterior installation procedures are orderly, and one vehicle after another is continuously off the assembly line.

"With the support of all parties, the company currently has nearly 5,000 returning employees, with a return rate of 95%. This week, the production capacity will gradually increase to 50%, and by the end of the month, single-shift full-load production will be basically achieved." The company's deputy general manager Pan Jianxin pointed at the production information screen hanging above the workshop and said that since the resumption of work on March 16th, the planned number of the day has been jumping up every day.

Breaking zero, hundreds, and more than a thousand, less than a week, the production capacity of Dongfeng Honda Automobile has skyrocketed. As the leader of the automobile industry in Hubei, Dongfeng Honda flapped its "wings" again, and large and small suppliers in the middle and upper reaches of the industry chain were gradually "awakened".

70 kilometers away, Huanghua City, Hubei, Sanhuan Clutch Co., Ltd. took the lead in "waking up". Stamping, heat treatment, final assembly, near noon, the production workshop is still busy, the intelligent final assembly line and the semi-automatic production line work together to make clutches.

"We are a Tier 1 supplier of Dongfeng Motor. We recently received an additional order for 1,000 pieces, which is an increase of 20% compared to usual times. The whole plant is rushing to increase production capacity." Sales General Manager of Sanhuan Clutch Co., Ltd. Yan Guo told reporters that the current production capacity of the company has been increased to about 90%, and the return rate of employees is close to 100%.

Looking further away, 400 kilometers away, Dongfeng Hydraulic Power Co., Ltd., located in Shiyan, Hubei, also put into production. "Hydraulic oil cylinders are the power source for automobiles, and the resumption of Dongfeng Motors has accelerated the speed of resumption of production by our suppliers." A person in charge of the company said frankly Now, the company has basically achieved the task of reaching production, and it is estimated that the output value will reach 35 million yuan in March.

"The automotive industry has a long industrial chain. For auto manufacturers, even if there is one screw, there is no way to start construction!" Zheng Chunkai, executive deputy general manager of Dongfeng Honda, analyzed that there are about 500 first-tier suppliers, including 170 in Hubei. Multiple. "Since the epidemic, we have carried out joint management of the entire value chain of our suppliers, and promised that the payment of the goods would not be bad in a day. Epidemic prevention plans were shared in a timely manner, and upstream and downstream resumption of work resonated at the same frequency, so that the entire industrial cluster could fully recover."

In addition to the automobile manufacturing industry, another major pillar industry in Hubei—the electronics and information industry—returned quickly.

At 3 pm on March 22, when the reporter rushed to Ruike Fiber Laser Technology Co., Ltd. in Wuhan Optics Valley, it happened that more than 300 workers returned to work, temperature measurement, killing, meal sharing, isolation, and some intensive arrangements. Later, the company's founder Yan Dapeng told reporters that after these employees arrived, the company's production capacity is expected to rise to 40% next week.

As an important domestic fiber laser manufacturer, Ruike's fiber laser products are widely supplied to downstream enterprises engaged in industrial processing. "Our products are out of supply, and a large number of industrial enterprises will not be able to produce normally." Yan Dapeng said, which forced companies to do everything possible to resume production and increase production, driving the entire industrial industry chain to heat up.

Making key industry chains move has become an important move for Hubei to resume work and resume production. "The impact of this epidemic on Hubei's industrial economy is not small. In the first two months of this year, the value added of the industrial enterprises above designated size in the province fell by 46.2% year-on-year." A person in charge of the Hubei Economic and Information Office said that by focusing on pillar industries such as automobiles, electronics, and chemicals, Provide targeted assistance services for key enterprises and related supporting enterprises. As of March 24, nearly 14,000 industrial enterprises above designated size in Hubei have resumed work and resumed production, with a return rate of over 90%. "Let leading enterprises start, turn, and move to help SMEs survive, stay, and get better."

Governments and enterprises work together to resume work

Enterprises make up for short supply chains, block logistics, and government departments reduce burdens and provide intimate services

As a key area for epidemic prevention and control, it is not easy for Hubei to resume work and resume production.

At the beginning of the resumption, the suppliers in Hubei generally did not start work, and the suppliers in Jiangsu and Zhejiang started early, but the drivers were worried about being isolated and were often reluctant to ship the materials. This can make Chen Xuhong, deputy general manager of production and operation of the three-ring clutch, worry. Staring at the rough castings piled up in the warehouse, he stirred his mind to revitalize the stock. First use CNC machine tools to adjust the size of existing blanks to meet some market needs, and then move the local suppliers' production molds to the enterprise to process the parts themselves. "In more than ten days, the production capacity was rapidly increased from 20% to 60%, and the company's exclusive suppliers were basically maintained."

If you have production capacity, you have to get through the logistics jam. As an important supplier of 5G base station circuit boards, Huangshi Hushi Electronics Co., Ltd. was classified as a "stop business", and almost no work was stopped during the Spring Festival. "But the traffic was blocked, and the raw materials needed for production were difficult to come from outside. The production capacity fell to 60%." Gao Jianhui, director of the company's administrative department, recalled that at that time, the company had to send cars point-to-point to transport raw materials, which gradually increased the production capacity.

From resumption to high-speed operation, it is inseparable from powerful policy assistance.

"Enterprises have been shut down. Can electricity rates be discounted?" "Companies that have not started are exempt from fixed electricity rates."

"Supply spare parts for negative pressure ambulances, is it considered to be guaranteed?" "Calculated, there is a 30% subsidy for the electricity price of guaranteed companies."

Facing the questions raised by the Sanhuan Clutch Company, the relevant person in charge of Huangshi Economic and Information Bureau answered them at the company's site.

It turned out that the three-ring clutch company consumed a lot of power after the resumption of work and production, and the cost was high. "At the beginning, I was busy returning to work safely and didn't pay attention to so many policies for benefiting enterprises." Xiang Yanguo settled the bill, and using electricity alone could save more than 100,000 yuan for the enterprise.

It's not just the three-ring clutch that benefits. "The current rate of resumption of industrial enterprises in Huangshi is close to 99%, and the electricity consumption has surged. Only on March 23, the average load reached 1.17 million kilowatts, an increase of nearly 60% from the previous 10 days." Relevant person in charge of Huangshi Economic and Information Bureau According to the introduction, only implementing the policy of settling electricity bills based on 95% for enterprises other than high-energy-consuming industries is expected to reduce costs by 70 million yuan for enterprises.

When promulgating a policy to reduce the burden, we must also show intimate service. After more than 10 days of continuous production, the raw material inventory of Ruike Fiber Laser Technology Co., Ltd. turned on a "red light". Coincident with the Wuhan Economic and Information Bureau's investigation, Yan Dapeng pulled out a list of upstream suppliers and asked for help in coordinating the resumption of work. On the second day, four suppliers were approved to resume work; on the third day, eight suppliers were resumed to work; within a week, all 25 suppliers resumed work, and the industry chain was reopened!

Governments and enterprises strove together, playing the Hubei Reconciliation Concerto. In Shiyan, in response to employee travel difficulties, the transportation department opened 191 customized bus lines, accumulatively invested 2,644 shifts, and provided 180,000 commute services to enterprises; in Huanggang, the government affairs department opened two online and offline approval routes, and companies can either The city headquarters can handle it with one bite, and it can also do it with one Netcom, realizing instant approval ... Cracking the "pain point" of unsatisfactory people flow, "blocking point" in poor logistics, "breaking point" due to capital shortage, "locking point" in shortage of raw materials, Hubei resumed production The hoof disease is steady.

Take back lost time

Stabilizing market share and accelerating product innovation, Hubei enterprises are full of confidence in the future

"Give back the lost time!" Hubei manufacturing companies are struggling to reduce losses to a minimum.

Stabilizing market share is a difficult problem facing many enterprises in Hubei.

"Although the status of the exclusive supplier has been basically maintained, but the resumption of work has been delayed for a month, we can only watch the order lose." With the gradual recovery of production capacity, Chen Xuhong issued a "quality card". Introduce more marketable new products, on the other hand, focus on customer feedback and improve product quality in a timely manner.

After the production capacity was basically restored, Huanggang Chenming Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd. started the technical improvement of the second phase of the project while stabilizing its production. After the new project is launched, the pulp can be produced into paper at the doorstep of the home. It is estimated that the annual production cost can be reduced by more than 300 million yuan. The person in charge of the company said that although the pressure on capital is not small, technological transformation can greatly enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, and this investment is not lost!

Although the efficiency of resumption is accelerating, market uncertainty still poses challenges for enterprises.

Since last year, domestic automobile production and sales have slowed down, and the outbreak has caused auto companies to face more variables. Zheng Chunkai admitted that the number of customers visiting the store has dropped a lot in the past two months, but online sales have performed well. "Although the overall demand in the automotive industry has weakened, opportunities still exist. The next step will be to open up online and offline sales channels, while focusing on product safety performance and quality to meet the escalating market demand."

Many companies have also found new opportunities from the crisis.

In early March, Hubei Kefeng Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd. won the first 600 units of Guangzhou Hongya CNC Machinery Co., Ltd., "This means that domestic high-precision reducers will completely replace products from overseas suppliers." Yan did not expect that the company urgently produced a batch of products for Quanzhou mask manufacturers in early February, which brought many orders to the door. "Resumption of work is self-rescue, which also brings opportunities and is more confident."

Ruike fiber laser is also planning to enter the medical and health field. "If you turn chemical disinfection into laser disinfection, it will be environmentally friendly and make money." Yan Dapeng looks forward to, if a low-cost medical laser is developed, it will expand the company's new product application scenarios.

"The epidemic is testing the resilience of the company's supply chain, and objectively forces companies to accelerate their transformation and upgrading." Li Xuesong, associate professor at the School of Economics and Management of Wuhan University, believes that in the process of resuming production, enterprises should take the opportunity to optimize their business models and management models to improve production. Efficiency and risk response.

Although the difficulties are not small, many companies are still full of confidence in the future: Ruike Fiber Laser plans that after the 23-story new building rises this year, the production capacity will more than double; in the past week, it has recruited more than 150 people Hu Shi Electronics is looking forward to expanding the domestic and foreign markets continuously after the staff is in place, and reaching the expected goals as soon as possible ...

After the spring rain, the land of Jingchu is ushering in a new round of cherry red willow green.

Turning Crisis into Opportunity and Inspiring Potential (Reporter's Notes)

Walking on the front line of resuming production and production in Hubei, we can all feel the efforts of enterprises to turn crisis into opportunity. From the perspective of the industrial chain, upstream and downstream large and medium-sized enterprises have strengthened capital exchanges, shared epidemic prevention plans, and worked together to overcome difficulties. From the perspective of enterprises themselves, after this battle, more enterprises have accelerated the process of intelligent transformation and cultivated more Professional and versatile talents.

Hubei has a unique geographical advantage, industrial foundation and talent resources, and a group of capable entrepreneurs, which have provided a solid foundation for resumption of work and production. With the support of relevant policies, Hubei's economic potential will be fully stimulated.

Turning crisis into opportunity and inspiring potential, Hubei's real economic development prospects are bright!

Han Xin