Japanese manufacturer Production of antiseptic solution at factories in Europe and the U.S.A.

Due to the shortage of disinfectants in the United States and Europe due to the spread of the new coronavirus, major cosmetics and beverage manufacturers in Japan will manufacture disinfectants at local factories and provide them to medical institutions. Was.

At the request of the local government, cosmetics giant Shiseido started manufacturing antiseptic solutions at a French factory on the 27th of last month, starting at 20,000 bottles a week.

In addition, the factory in the United States will start production from this month, and the disinfectant will be provided to local medical institutions free of charge.

Suntory, a major beverage maker, will begin producing disinfectants this week at a whiskey plant in Kentucky, USA, at the request of the local government and provide it to local medical institutions.

Neither company has so far planned to produce disinfectants in Japan.