Bank of Japan Tankan rapidly worsens June survey reveals even more severe economic judgments at 4:22 on April 2

The Bank of Japan announced on January 1 that the Tankan = short-term corporate economic observation survey revealed that corporate economic judgments were rapidly deteriorating due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection. However, the restrictions on going out and moving around the world have been tightened, and many experts believe that the impact will be even more severe.

According to the Bank of Japan's Tankan announced on the 1st, the index of economic judgment for large manufacturing industries dropped from 0 points to minus 8 points, the first negative in seven years.

In addition, the index of the non-manufacturing industry of large companies has dropped. It has become clear that the effects of the coronavirus are rapidly deteriorating business decisions.

However, 70% of companies answered this survey by the beginning of last month, and it may not reflect the fact that the spread of infection has become serious in Europe and the United States and economic activity has stagnated.

Many experts say that restrictions on going out and traveling around the world have been tightened, and that exports and production will further decline in the future, and the impact on the economy will become even greater.

The next Tankan survey will be conducted in June, but the spread of infections continues in Japan, and various self-restraints are being demanded.