Kwon Aeri's friendly economy starts. Reporter Kwon, it has already entered April and entered the second quarter of 2020. From today (1st), are there any changes in the rules on housing pensions?


Yes, until now, you had to wait until you turned 60 to join the housing pension. This age limit is lowered to over 55 years old today.

If you are a married couple, you can apply immediately if any of them have reached the age of 55. It doesn't matter if the house you're offering to get your pension is not in the common name, but in the name of a person who has reached the age of 55.

Under the current law, the time to receive housing pensions is five years earlier than the retirement age. As of today, the government estimates that as many as 1.35 million will be eligible for a new housing pension.

This is one of the measures announced by the government in November last year to prepare for an aging society where workers can live as much as their previous work life after retirement.

Among the things that were announced to be implemented at the time, plans to make it possible to join a house pension even for a house that is chartered to others, and to expand the qualification to a house with a public price of 900 million won There was.

However, these measures have not been implemented. There are quite a few people who have been waiting since this was announced at the end of last year, but the way to change the eligibility criteria for a house pension is a matter of changing the law. Still being judged by the National Assembly.

I think it will pass by the National Assembly as early as this month, and by the end of the second quarter, even those who have seen the conditions from now on will be able to apply for a housing pension.


Isn't it difficult to prepare for old age? There are a lot of people who don't do well, so there are quite a lot of people who sign up for the housing pension?


Yes. As of the end of February, more than 72,000 people have joined. In particular, as you can see in the last 5 years, the increase in subscribers is quite steep.

How much pension can I get if I take my home as collateral, but if the 55-year-old joins according to the decree changing from today, I will receive 780,000 won for a 500-million-dollar house and 1.38 million won for a 900-million-month future. .

Of course, the older you start getting pensions, the higher you start. 59-year-olds receive 980,000 won per month and 500,000 won per month for 1,700,000 won.

But I don't want to imagine it, but if I get a housing pension and I can't live that long, then this is the average pension calculated based on the average life expectancy.

It's a waste if I haven't received it for a few years and have nothing to pass on to my spouse or children. Any unpaid money is returned to the bereaved family. Because it is not the concept that ownership of a house is transferred to the whole country just because it is in the housing pension.

On the other hand, they lived longer than calculated by the pension plan, but the country does not tell families to return as much as their parents have received. It's just as long as you live.

If you still have a loan in my home, there is a way to get some of the pensions you will receive in the future and pay back the loan and divide the pension with the remaining amount.


Reporter Kwon and I was receiving a house pension, but the price of the house suddenly rose, so you might think that you are losing money. If that's the case, is it possible to cancel?


Yes. It is possible. However, if you cancel your job, you must convert the money you have received so far and return it with interest. When you first start receiving your pension, you pay 1.5% of the house price as a guarantee, which is not refundable.

And after canceling, my mind changes, but I can't sign up again for 3 years. So, I recommend that you make a really careful judgment.

The housing pension is about the size of a house I have, so I don't have enough money to use it. I see children, and there are quite a lot of people in Korea. Even if the house price goes up in the future.

Normally, the house pension is still reluctant to join my children because I have to leave a house, but later when the pensioner dies, the house price is higher than when the house pension was signed, so the family wants to have that house, then return the house. Just ask for it and pay it back to the country as much as your parents' pension.

This is because it is the same product that the parents borrowed the mortgage from.

Conversely, if the house price is off, or if the parents already die after paying more than the house price, there is no inheritance.

The housing pension, which started in 2007, is still relatively in its infancy, and the purpose of the system is to make it possible to address some of the old age and poverty in our society where aging problems are rapidly becoming serious. It is designed to be quite advantageous.

We will introduce you again as the age range that can be received is reduced.