Yesterday, the Ministry of Economy announced the closure of a number of shops and sales outlets in various emirates of the country, as a result of fraudulent operations and raising prices and exploitation of consumers in the current circumstances, as a result of the outbreak of the "Corona" epidemic emerging globally.

The director of the Competition and Consumer Protection Department at the Ministry, Dr. Hashem Al-Nuaimi, said in press statements, "The closure is the last stage in the penalties against violators." On the part of shops and sales outlets, to deter violators and market control, and preserve the rights of consumers.

Al-Nuaimi added that "the Ministry also issued a warning to a number of stores and outlets, during large-scale inspection campaigns, and also imposed fines on some other stores," noting that these closings and fines are currently being counted.

He stressed that the state markets witness a balance, and that supply exceeds demand in many commodities, which contributes to price stability.

Al-Naimi indicated that the Ministry has not received complaints from consumers regarding electronic shopping or remote purchases, despite the significant increases recorded in electronic shopping operations during the recent period.

He stated that the initial indicators indicate that the main sales outlets in the country achieved significant growth in electronic shopping during the first quarter of this year, as electronic buying ratios increased by up to 300%, and increased by 500%, during last March alone.

Al-Nuaimi pointed out that the ministry has set specific and clear standards that regulate e-procurement, in line with the Consumer Protection Law and its executive regulations, while encouraging the private sector to develop and increase trade and shopping activities via the Internet, to keep pace with the trends in the contemporary digital economy.

It was a study prepared by Dubai Economy, which was presented during the last meeting to the Higher Committee for Consumer Protection, indicating that the UAE is the most growing e-commerce in the Middle East and North Africa.

Inspection campaigns

The Ministry of Economy confirmed that it is continuing with intensive inspection campaigns in various markets of the country.

It stated that yesterday, it had carried out an inspection campaign on the markets of vegetables, fruits and basic foodstuffs at the Mina Zayed Market in Abu Dhabi, in cooperation with the Department of Economic Development in Abu Dhabi, where some price violations had been monitored and fines imposed for the violating establishments.

She explained that the campaign included inspectors and representatives from both sides, and mainly targeted the open part of the market, which includes supply, wholesale and retail companies in the region.


An increase in electronic purchases, through the main sales outlets, during March.