[Economy 365]

The Korea Housing Finance Corporation announced that starting on the 1st of next month, the age of enrollment in housing pensions will be reduced from over 60 to over 55.

If one of you or your spouse reaches the age of 55 and joins the housing pension with a market price of 500 million won, the subscriber will receive 780,000 won per month for a lifetime.

A person with a mortgage loan can also use the temporary withdrawal of the housing pension to repay existing loans to reduce the burden of repayment of principal and interest.


As the number of customers visiting Corona 19 decreases, the automotive industry has set up cyber exhibition halls to drive customer visits.

With the launch of the new Genesis G80, Hyundai Motor introduced a 'aggregate' type digital showroom where customers can see the car at home instead of 'intuitive' by visiting the exhibition hall.

In the digital showroom of the Genesis G80, you can see the interior and exterior design, detailed texture, and color of the vehicle through 360-degree VR.


As more and more people are reluctant to go out in the spread of Corona 19, it has been found that sales of companion animal products in online shopping malls have also skyrocketed.

EBay Korea's shopping mall said that the sales volume of companion animal goods increased 236% over the same period last year.

Dog hygiene products increased by 336%, cat hygiene products increased by 444%, and dog and cat beauty products increased by 336% and 433%, respectively.