On the morning of March 21, Three Gorges Projects of the Three Gorges Group started construction in Wuhan. The total investment of Caidian Eastern Qingshui PPP project in the eastern area of ​​Caidian, Wuhan Xinzhou District new town construction PPP project, and East Lake High-tech Zone Optics Valley Ecological Corridor project totaled 7.59 billion yuan. During the construction period, it will provide 80,000 jobs of various types. This is part of the 195 projects that the Three Gorges Group newly added in the “Yangtze River Protection” landing investment during the year.

Wang Lin, general manager of the Three Gorges Group, said that it will step up the promotion of several major Yangtze River protection projects, including Dongxihu, Hanyang, and Jiangxia Districts, and accelerate the pace of urban sewage treatment in Wuhan to improve the quality and efficiency. While improving the urban water environment, The investment stimulated the development of the entire ecological and environmental protection industry chain and helped fuel the economic development engine in Wuhan after the epidemic.

At present, the spread of the local epidemic in the country with Wuhan as the main battlefield has been basically blocked, and the production and living order in Hubei is being accelerated. According to the changing situation of the epidemic situation, under the premise of good prevention and control, the central enterprises switched the "pause button" pressed during the epidemic to the "play button", and resumed work and production in Wuhan in an orderly manner. The project works to continue to inject kinetic energy into the "Vital Wuhan".

Orderly production and operation

At 8:00 am on March 24th, in the casting plant operation area of ​​the Wuzhong Group Casting and Forging Company, which belongs to the Weapon Industry Group, as the furnace of the electric furnace slowly rises, the hot and dazzling moment, the resumption of production after the melting operation is resumed. A furnace of molten iron trickled out from the mouth of the electric furnace. At 10:30, the 40 tons of hot metal required for a batch of machine tool products developed for a key user's offshore wind power project were all transferred to the molding area and the operation site was ready for pouring, marking that the casting and forging company started the resumption and resumption campaign.

At the pouring site, molten iron up to 1400 ° C poured from the ladle, poured into a pouring cup like a fire dragon, meandering along the pouring system, and finally merged into the sand cavity of the workbench. Melt pouring workers wearing protective clothing, hard hats and protective glasses, focused on the operation. With the pouring of 40 tons of molten iron, the molten iron slowly poured out of the riser, and the heat waves there, a fiery red, were poured successfully! The employees watching the scene from the distance took this inspiring scene with their mobile phones.

China Xinke's key enterprises in Wuhan, Hubei resumed work quickly and orderly. Among the 8 industrial companies of Wuhan Information Technology Group in Wuhan, 6 key enterprises involved in the main information and communication industry, Fiberhome Communication, Guangxun Technology, Hongxin Communication, Fiberhome Smart, and Yangtze River Communication, have already resumed production and production on a large scale. . Guangxun Technology Co., Ltd. is the first domestic top three optical chip and optoelectronic company in the world. As the core and key supporting enterprise of China's optoelectronics supply chain, from February to the present, the company has insisted on one hand to fight against the "epidemic" and the other to resume work. The company's key departments of quality, engineering, warehousing, manufacturing, and output have been operating normally. As of mid-March, the passive optical amplifier system, wavelength division multiplexing system and other products as the key protection materials for epidemic prevention have achieved normal production and supply. The main products are optical passive products, active optical modules, optical devices, and optical chip production capacity gradually restored. The company has completed the delivery of finished products worth more than 100 million yuan, which provides a strong guarantee for emergency communications construction during the epidemic, stabilization of China's optical communications industry chain, and acceleration of 5G construction.

As the first batch of enterprises to resume production and resume production in Huangpi District of Wuhan City, the first batch of 55 employees of Changjiang Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., which belongs to the Weaponry Equipment Group, returned to work on March 17 and started some resumed production. During the two days from March 17th to 18th, the start-up rate of mechanical processing numerical control equipment reached 50%, and more than 700 digital product assembly tasks urgently needed by customers were completed, and seven varieties of optical polishing production tasks were completed. China Power Construction Hubei Equipment Company ’s two production bases, Wuhan Tower Company and Electric Company, have both obtained approval for resumption of work from their district governments, becoming the first formal resumption companies in Jiang'an District and Qiaokou District of Wuhan respectively. More than 70%.

On March 23, Wuhan Putian Power Co., Ltd., a Putian company in China, responded promptly after receiving the approval for resumption of work, and immediately organized technical backbones to return to work in an orderly manner in strict accordance with local and group resumption and production related requirements. At the same time that they are producing products, they actively contact logistics companies to achieve a seamless connection that can be shipped after the products pass the test. The first batch of communication relay power after resumption will serve the railway transportation business in March. Wuhan Putian also provides resumption counseling and resource matching for enterprises in the science and technology park, helping more enterprises join the ranks of resumption and resumption of production.

Start of construction project

On March 24, the Jianghan Seven Bridge, which was constructed by Wuhan Urban Investment Group Co., Ltd. and the China Railway Bridge Bureau, was officially resumed. This is also Wuhan's first resumed bridge project. Liu Shengqi, manager of the Jianghan Seven Bridge Project Department of the China Railway Bridge Bureau, introduced that in order to speed up the resumption of work, the project department used a “point-to-point” chartered car to organize construction workers to return to their posts. Cars will be dispatched uniformly to ensure that the return work is compliant and orderly.

"At present, the construction of the lower structure of the main bridge of the Jianghan Seven Bridge has been completed, and the installation of steel beams for the upper structure is underway. 17 of the 56 sections of the bridge have been completed." Mei Jiansong, Site Leader of the Jianghan Seven Bridge Project of Wuhan Urban Investment Group Corporation "The epidemic of new crown pneumonia has affected the construction progress of the project to a certain extent, but the experience of this epidemic also gave us the determination and confidence to win. After resumption of work, we will step up organizational construction and make our best efforts to delay the epidemic. Make up for time to minimize the damage caused by the outbreak. "

The construction of the 110 kV ancillary project for the 220 kV substation in Jinkou, Wuhan, Hubei also began on the 24th. At 6 am, in the temporary headquarters set up on the site, construction workers have to go through a "door"-temperature measurement and disinfection. After a series of pre-construction safety measures, the construction personnel boarded the 5-base and 24-meter-high power transmission towers next to the Hancai Expressway ramp, and performed the power inspection, hanging the ground wire, removing the jumpers, and placing the tackle in an orderly manner. Finally, the 1,560-meter-long demolition was removed. wire.

On March 24th, the construction of the 110 kV ancillary project for the 220 kV substation in Jinjinkou, Wuhan, Hubei began.

This indicates that Wuhan Power Grid's summer peak construction project in 2020 presses the "start key". This year, Wuhan Yingfengduxia Power Grid Construction has a total of 30 high-voltage projects and 42 medium-voltage projects, with a total investment of 681 million yuan. State Grid Wuhan Power Supply Co., Ltd. coordinated the construction of epidemic prevention and control and the start and resumption of power grid infrastructure projects, and strived to keep the construction time of the project unchanged and the tasks to be maintained to ensure a reliable supply of electricity during the peak summer.

2020 is a key year for the national memory base project: 64-layer 3D NAND flash products will enter large-scale mass production, technically surpassing 96 layers to catch up with the world's advanced technology level. As the general contractor of this project, Shiyuan Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the China National Investment Corporation, passed the preliminary planning, material preparation, returning personnel arrangement, returning safety training, organizing the participating units to return to work in an orderly manner, and coordinating on-site resumption arrangements. , Cooperate with the owner and the participating parties to provide sufficient preparation for the resumption of the project.

The first batch of retrogrades from the Shiyuan technology project team returned to the scene to fire the first shot of the resumption campaign. After mobilization and planning, as of March 23, 19 project management personnel have resumed work, and the on-site leadership team members will resume work at the rate of 100% at the end of the month. At present, all other participating units have returned to work and 143 have returned to work.

According to reports, the total investment of Wuhan National Memory Base Project is about 160 billion yuan, which is the largest high-tech industrial project in Hubei Province since the establishment of New China. The project will provide solid support for breaking the gap in the mainstream memory field in China and achieving leapfrog development of industry and economy. It will also allow Wuhan to change from a “city of steel” to a “city of silicon”.

The main road network construction PPP project in the southern area of ​​Huanghua District, Wuhan City, which was invested and constructed by CCCC Second Aviation Bureau, has also resumed. The total investment of this project is about 1.92 billion yuan, which is implemented using the "PPP + government purchase service" model. The China Railway 11th Bureau Group, a subsidiary of China Railway Construction Corporation, ran out of “acceleration” to resume work and resume production in the construction unit in Han. On March 21, the second phase of the Wuhan Metro Line 8 project was resumed first; on March 22, the Wuhan Metro Line 12 project passed the resumption approval, and Jiangchu Avenue Station is hurrying for greening, pipeline relocation and surrounding construction; March On the 24th, 70 people from the Wuhan Metro Line 5 Workers Village depot project returned to work. As of now, the China Railway 11th Bureau Group has more than 420 projects under construction, with a return rate of 93%. (Economic Daily reporter Zhou Lei)