(Fighting new crown pneumonia) Guangxi science and technology helps epidemic prevention and control

China News Service, Nanning, March 29 (Zhang Guangquan) For the past few days, Guangxi science and technology departments at all levels and many high-tech enterprises have relied on high-tech and adopted a series of new technology and new products such as "cloud resumption", health code, and intelligent logistics. Reproduction "accelerator".

Wear a mask, take a temperature measurement, scan the code to enter, and maintain the working distance ... On March 29, at the construction site of the Guangxi Jiaoliu Railway Project of the Fourth Company of the 25th Bureau of China Railway, earthmoving vehicles shuttled back and forth, and the workers were enthusiastic. . At present, the company's 58 projects under construction have all resumed work, with a return rate of 100%.

The Nanning · Zhongguancun Innovation Demonstration Base has settled in science and technology enterprises to use science and technology to help prevent and control the epidemic, and to resume safety and resume production. Guangxi Yinglun Information Technology Co., Ltd. has carried out targeted research and development, perfected the thermal imaging epidemic prevention and control management platform, and provided rapid body temperature inspections in public places. At the same time, it strengthened the "mask detection mode" so that the testees can conduct human activities without removing masks. Face recognition.

Guangxi Donghuayun Data and Information Technology Co., Ltd., which is also a high-tech enterprise, has achieved 100% resumption of work through remote work of "Cloud Rework". In response to this epidemic, Guangxi Donghua developed a city-level major project resumption command system also launched in many cities in China. The use of big data technology can quickly review the progress of major projects.

Guangxi Nanning recently collected relevant product or service information for the city's digital economy enterprises. After a comprehensive selection, two batches of “Reference Catalogues for Digital Technology Products and Services to Support Epidemic Prevention and Control and Resumption of Production and Resumption in Nanning City” were released to achieve efficient prevention for Nanning. Epidemic control and safe and orderly resumption of work provide technical support. Among them, Nanning Citizen Card Co., Ltd. provides mask appointment booking applications for the general public; platforms such as the "Love Nanning" App provide chartered car booking services for enterprises that need to resume chartered work. (Finish)