The Ministry of Economy has violated a number of outlets and shops for selling disinfectants and sterilization materials due to raising the prices of disinfectants and sterilizers by varying proportions exceeding 30% after increasing demand for them in large proportions during the last period as a result of the precautionary measures implemented by all government and private agencies and companies to combat the Corona virus.
The Director of Competition and Consumer Protection in the Ministry of Economy, Dr. Hashem Al-Nuaimi, said in press statements today that these violations, whose number is currently being counted, came during the inspection campaigns that the ministry recently implemented in the various emirates of the country, in cooperation with the competent authorities, noting that the campaigns Outlets for selling sterilization goods and disinfectants will continue during the coming period, as part of the ministry’s plan to prevent any increase in prices taking advantage of the high demand for these goods currently.
Al-Naimi added that the Ministry’s actions regarding violators and manipulators in the markets come in implementation of the Consumer Protection Law issued in 2006 and its executive regulations for 2007, explaining that the procedures include immediate fines with values ​​ranging between 5000 and 100 thousand dirhams, depending on the size and type of the violation, until closing in the event of a repeat of the violation itself From the port.