Since today (6th), government policy has changed so that only one mask can be bought per person, but it was still difficult to obtain a mask. There was a long line of people trying to buy before they sold out, and in pharmacies where work was more than usual, there was a big and small mess.

First is a reporter Park Chan-keun.


It's an hour more to open the pharmacy, but more than 50 people are already in line.

The pharmacy knows that you can only buy two in a week, but if you run out of stock early, you have to find a pharmacy that has enough supplies.

[Song Kyung-suk / Seoul Guro-gu: I keep getting cut in line like this. I bought two with you all week.]

The government said today it has supplied 726 million public masks, but it is not enough to meet the mask demands of unsettled citizens.

There was still great confusion.

[(Come here from Monday. Monday.) No, why don't you give me your ID card?]

The pharmacy says that it took two to three minutes to sell two masks to a person because of the process of checking and entering the social security number.

[Pharmacist: At the pharmacy, you have to enter data. Every time you make a calculation, it takes a lot of time.]

If a pharmacy received about 100 public masks, it would only have to sell about 2 hours a day.

[Lee Eunha / Pharmacist: I'm worried that it would be a bit difficult to enter the pharmacy while I work alone without an employee like me.]

President Moon Jae-in has instructed the public to expand the scope of receiving proxy for the disabled only with respect to the purchase of public masks.

As a result, the guidelines will be changed to allow the purchase of masks on behalf of the elderly or small children who have difficulty in movement, nine days before the fifth subtitle.

(Video coverage: Ju Yong-jin, Kang Dong-cheol, Video editing: Ha Sung-won, VJ: Han Seung-min)