(Combat New Crown Pneumonia) On-site attack: Guangxi Friendship Pass reappears “traffic and traffic” China-ASEAN trade is gradually smoothing

China News Agency, Guangxi Pingxiang, March 1st, headline: On-site strikes: Guangxi Friendship Pass reappears "traffic and traffic" China-ASEAN trade is gradually smoothing

Author Huang Lingyan Jiang Xuelin

The new crown pneumonia epidemic has not dispersed, but at the Friendship Pass of Pingxiang City, Guangxi, which is located in southern China, it is gradually recovering from its busy days. The reporter saw at the scene that the trucks with Chinese and Vietnamese license plates were waiting in an orderly manner, and the customs officers wearing masks shuttled between the cars.

The picture shows that on February 26, Vietnam ’s returning empty car exited through the customs clearance channel. Photo by Jiang Xuelin of China News Agency

The Friendship Pass is a convenient international trade channel from China to ASEAN. From here, Chinese electronics and construction materials are exported to ASEAN countries such as Vietnam, and agricultural products from Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. They enter the Chinese market from the Friendship Pass. Therefore, Pingxiang City has become the most import and export port for fruits on China's mainland. It is known as the "China-ASEAN Fruit Capital". On average, half of every 2 kg of fruit entering China comes from here.

Cheng Guangqi, the general manager of Guangxi Yingfeng Transworld International Logistics Co., Ltd. said that the upstream and downstream industrial chains of China and Vietnam are interdependent, and Vietnamese companies need to produce raw materials after resuming work, and they are eager to resume customs clearance as soon as possible. From February 5th, the company will accept customs declaration for goods. After February 10, freight volume began to soar. Goods from China's Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, and other electronic parts and components have recently exited the border through the Friendship Pass and sent to factories in Vietnam and other well-known brands such as Samsung and Foxconn.

"At present, the volume of import and export goods undertaken by our company has returned to two-thirds of the normal level." Cheng Guangqi said that the re-opening of the channel is related to the normal production of international industrial chain enterprises, and the logistics company's lines and outlets are located in ASEAN countries. , Through multi-party coordination of transportation capacity, to provide adequate protection for cross-border transport personnel and other measures to achieve full load operation as soon as possible.

The picture shows the freight vehicles waiting for customs clearance before the aerial friendship on February 26. Photo by Jiang Xuelin of China News Agency

Guangxi Xi'an Litai Foreign Freight Co., Ltd., which is mainly engaged in customs declaration at the Youyiguan port, has also worked overtime recently. The company's general manager assistant Li Shiming introduced that from February 14th, the business volume from South China began to increase. At present, most of the company's customs officers have returned to work. In addition to electronic spare parts, the company's recent shipments also include daily necessities destined for Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and other places.

The information provided by the customs department shows that Chongzuo City, to which Pingxiang belongs, is the only prefecture-level city in Guangxi that maintains a "zero diagnosis" of the epidemic. After communication between China and Vietnam, the customs clearance at the Pingxiang Friendship Pass was resumed on February 3. The two countries have reached a consensus on import and export trade and cross-border freight transportation. Under the premise of good epidemic prevention, the goods of the two countries can be transferred to China Friendship Pass-Vietnam Friendship Port to conduct business. The reporter saw at the scene that drivers had to import and export shores and had to undergo strict body temperature testing.

Shi Zhongjun, deputy chief of the Logistics Supervision Section of the Youyi Customs Customs, told reporters that since the customs clearance was resumed, the daily vehicles entering and leaving the customs gradually recovered from the initial 15 times. As the demand for resumption of production continues to rise, port operations are also accelerating normalization. At present, about 800 inbound and outbound vehicles of Friendship Day have obviously recovered. About 30% of exports are shipped via Vietnam to other ASEAN countries. On February 28, there were 984 inbound and outbound freight vehicles. Although it was a weekend on February 29, there were still 835 inbound and outbound freight vehicles.

In order to alleviate the backlog of vehicles in the freight yard, China and Vietnam will use the customs clearance channel as a dedicated channel for returning empty cars from Vietnam starting February 26. The Friendship Customs Customs guides import and export enterprises to apply the "advanced review" model, optimize the inspection process, and speed up the inspection and release of production raw materials and accessories. The customs inspection platform will increase manpower operations and extend working hours to protect the customs clearance requirements of import and export enterprises.

Pingxiang Railway Port, which is close to the Friendship Pass, has also joined the ranks of foreign trade stabilization. On February 25th, China's first inbound fruit train went directly from Vietnam to Dangxiang, Guangxi. Shi Haifu, director of the Chongzuo Sales Office of Nanning Freight Center of China Railway Nanning Bureau Group Co., Ltd., said that railways have a large volume of transportation and costs are better than roads. They can effectively share the pressure of road transportation during the special period of the epidemic. Inbound fruit direct trains will ship 2 to 3 trains per week, and the types will be extended to longan and litchi. This will open another convenient channel for the fruit trade in ASEAN countries to enter the Chinese market.

Dongxing Port, another important port connecting Guangxi with Vietnam, has also resumed cargo clearance. From the Spring Festival to February 24, Dongxing Customs supervised the import and export freight volume of over 9,000 tons, with a total value of 390 million yuan.

According to the information provided by the Guangxi Department of Commerce, Guangxi has taken a number of measures to facilitate trade with the Vietnamese border. The import and export corridor of small-volume trade that meets the epidemic prevention conditions has resumed operation since February 10. (Finish)