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More than 80% of Tianjin's housing construction and municipal infrastructure projects have been resumed


Xinhua News Agency, Tianjin, February 25th (Reporter Li Yating) On the 25th, reporters learned from the Tianjin Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Committee that as of now, 101 housing-level and municipal infrastructure projects in Tianjin are under construction at the municipal level, and construction has begun. 86 projects, including major projects such as subway, Dongjiao sewage treatment plant project, national convention and exhibition center project and supporting projects, have a return rate of 85.1%.

Among them, there are 81 subway projects in Tianjin. In addition to one, the construction team is unable to return to Tianjin due to Wuhan personnel and cannot resume work. The remaining 80 projects have been fully resumed, with a return rate of 98.76%. The rest of the major municipal housing construction and municipal infrastructure projects will be resumed in early March.

Cai Yunpeng, director of the Tianjin Municipal Construction Committee, said that as of now, no epidemic situation has been found on all construction sites in Tianjin, maintaining a stable situation of prevention and control of epidemics on construction sites in the city. On the premise of effective implementation of prevention and control measures and production safety measures, the Tianjin Housing and Construction Committee must effectively and orderly promote the precise prevention and control of construction sites, zoning, grading, classification, and resumption of work in batches. The management department shall not set conditions for the resumption of the resumption of work for the project due to the prevention and control of the epidemic, and shall not use the forms of examination and approval, filing, etc. as an excuse to delay the time for the resumption of work by the enterprise.

Source: chinanews

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