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Pingxiang Railway Port Formally Accepted and Passed China's First Entry Fruit Train


Pingxiang, February 25, China News Service (Weifu Jiangquan Hao) On the evening of February 25, a loud whistle of a train whistle sounded at the customs supervision site of Pingxiang Railway Port. 24502 ​​cargo trains from Vietnam were loaded with 150 A total of 6 containers of pitayas with a total of 6 tons of Vietnamese fruits have gone through customs formalities. This is the first time that Vietnamese fruits have entered the port after the Pingxiang Railway Port was formally inspected and accepted by the General Administration of Customs and obtained the designated supervision site qualification for entry fruits.

The Pingxiang (railway) port is located in Pingxiang City, Guangxi. It is a national first-class international port (railway) that connects the China Railway and the Vietnam Railway. It is also an important node for the import and export of the southern railway in the new international land and sea trade channel. Long fruit freight trains to the country also opened a new chapter in the development of the Pingxiang Railway Port.

The picture shows customs staff inspecting fruits

In recent years, relying on the advantages of the port, Pingxiang vigorously developed the border fruit trade. In 2019, 730,000 tons of fruit products were imported, which has been the most continental road port for China-ASEAN fruit trade import and export for many years.

"The railway transportation time is accurate and the transportation volume is large. How good are we when Vietnamese fruits can enter from the railway to Pingxiang and then be sent to all parts of the country." Xiao Yang, a salesman of Guangxi Ningtie International Logistics Co., Ltd., whenever fruit imports are large I think so.

In order to promote the expansion of China-ASEAN fruit import and export trade, and help accelerate the development of new international land and sea corridors, Pingxiang Customs actively supervised the operating units of the venues, worked closely with local governments, and supported the preparation for the establishment of Pingxiang (railway) port. Fruit designated supervision sites; In February 2020, after passing the inspection and acceptance by the General Administration of Customs, Pingxiang Railway Port was officially listed in the list of designated fruits supervision sites.

"The railway can complete all the procedures in about two days. In addition to the cost of parking at the Vietnamese port, the cost of railway clearance is better than that of the highway. Moreover, Vietnam has vigorously developed rail transportation. The cost of transporting domestic fruit from the orchard to the border port. Railroads are also lower than highways, "said Shi Haifu, director of Chongzuo Business Office of Nanning Railway Bureau.

In order to give full play to the role of designated supervision sites for fruits entering Pingxiang Railway Port, that is, to make the customs pass fast and allow trains to pass fast, Pingxiang Customs on-site supervisors actively guide qualified enterprises to carry out customs declaration and examination of imported fruits. Customs supervision business tests such as inspection, inspection, release, etc., to strengthen on-the-spot fruit business training for customs officers on the spot, with the on-the-spot fruit inspection as soon as possible, quick inspection and quick release; guide customs declaration enterprises to familiarize themselves with the declaration process and prepare corresponding documents in advance for entry. Earn time for fruit declaration and review; coordinate the railway department to implement on-site issues such as container loading and unloading, locomotive dispatching, signal traction, etc. to ensure the smooth progress of inspection of incoming fruits. A series of measures have won praise from enterprises.

"At present, during the period of prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the advantages of railway transportation are obvious. First, it can reduce personnel contact and ensure the rapid customs clearance of goods. Second, when Vietnam suspends the entry and exit of personnel and goods on multiple highway borders between China and Vietnam. , Pingxiang Railway Port can still maintain normal import and export clearance, and the freight volume is not affected in any way. "Li Donghui, Deputy Manager of Pingxiang Branch of Guangxi Ningtie International Logistics Co., Ltd. said.

It is reported that in order to ensure the safe and hygienic entry of fresh fruits from ASEAN, walked into the tables of millions of households, Pingxiang Customs led qualified sanitation processing units to implement daily disinfection of the workplace to achieve comprehensive coverage without leaving dead ends.

Pingxiang Customs Commissioner Peng Cheng stated that the supervision service will be further optimized to promote more varieties and better-quality Southeast Asian fruits to enter the markets across China by rail transport. In the next step, in accordance with the measures of the General Administration of Customs to support the development of China-Europe trains, promote the connection between railway import ports and China-Europe trains, further implement measures to promote the steady growth of foreign trade, and help Pingxiang accelerate the construction of international port cities facing ASEAN. (Finish)

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