(Fighting New Crown Pneumonia) Guangxi Takes Air Charters and Special Trains to Send Workers to Resume Work

China News Network Nanning, February 25th (Chen Ning) On the afternoon of February 25th, Hainan Airlines flight HU7064 again carried more than 120 employees of Guangdong Galanz Group from Nanning to Guangzhou to resume work. This is the second time that the company has chosen Hainan Airlines to return to Guangdong to return to Guangdong.

Galanz Group issued the demand for charter flights again after it chose Hainan Airlines to return to Guangdong for the first time on February 21 to escort its employees to Guangdong. Based on the experience of the first cooperation, the two parties quickly completed the approval of various processes of secondary charter flights and the confirmation of safeguard information.

Earlier on February 18, Rong'an County of Liuzhou City sent 57 poor migrant workers to Guangdong to resume work with two buses. On the second day, Guangxi ’s first custom-built special train D4508 / 5 train departed from Baise Station to Guangzhou South Station. More than 700 migrant workers in Baise's revolutionary old district took the train to Guangdong to return to their posts. Since then, similar trains have been opened several times.

According to reports, in order to effectively alleviate the transportation difficulties of large numbers of returnees in domestic enterprises, Hainan Airlines launched a special product for returning charter flights on February 19, and has now received more than 500 single charter flights.

In response to this charter flight, Hainan Airlines coordinated Nanning Airport, opened a dedicated check-in counter for chartered passengers, coordinated a dedicated security inspection channel, and provided guidance services. The cleaning staff thoroughly disinfected the cabin, and carried out anti-epidemic inspection and cabin layout. Passengers need to take a temperature measurement before and after the flight. The flight crew also conducts a check on the health of the passenger during the flight. After the flight mission is completed, the aircraft will also perform Complete preventive disinfection and regular whole-machine killing.

As the company resumes work and production, in addition to launching special charter products, Hainan Airlines will gradually restore flight capacity based on market conditions. It is expected that by the end of February, Hainan Airlines will resume more than 450 flights from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Haikou, Sanya, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guiyang and other places. (Finish)