There is a clear movement of stockpiling necessities these days. The number of consumers looking for bottled water, instant noodles, instant rice, and frozen foods has increased significantly, both online and offline.

I'm Lee Sung-hoon.


It's a big mart in Seoul. Even though it's daytime to be busy, it's crowded with guests.

Those who wanted to buy their necessities in advance flocked wearing masks.

[Ju Kyung-cheol / Mart users: I did not know what would happen if the spectators came out, I bought a lot of cans, mackerel cans, tuna or the expiration date.]

While he was reluctant to go out, the online store's daily commodity orders plunged, and as a result of disruptions in delivery, the restless people stepped up to offline stores.

Sales of daily necessities such as instant rice, bottled water, ramen, and canned food increased significantly at the hypermarket, especially in the Daegu area.

On-line shelves are also showing pictures of empty shops.

Did things actually come together?

I looked around at the grocery store and it didn't take long to refill it even if the shelves were empty.

[Distributors: The photos on the online page seem to have happened in the neighborhood supermarket or neighborhood mart.]

In particular, the retail industry explains that daily necessities with a relatively long shelf life are in stock.

[Wonjuyeon / large mart sales manager: if you are looking for bottled water and ramen, we do not have to worry because we have enough stock.]

Instead of the hasty hoardings that can stimulate anxiety, you need mature consumption to buy as much as you need.

(Image editing: Jae-sung Lee, VJ: Min-gu Jung)