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Costco restricts 1,000 people in Shanghai to implement one-way passenger flow roasted chicken and other online celebrities


[Explanation] During the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention period, Costco is still in long queues, citizens are queuing up, and Costco is rushing for masks. Recently, the relevant departments of Shanghai Minhang District held a overnight interview with the Costco supermarket located on Zhujian Road, Minhang District, asking them to control the flow of people.

On the evening of February 23, when reporters visited the Costco supermarket, they saw that the supermarket had strictly implemented measures to limit 1,000 people, and the internal traffic was small. The staff told the reporter that during the actual operation, when the internal traffic of the supermarket was close to 700 people, the traffic would be stopped and there were no crowds or queuing in the supermarket.

The reporter noticed that the current business hours of the supermarket had been adjusted to 9 to 19 a few days ago, and many customers also deliberately made purchases at the time when the business was about to end to avoid peak traffic.

[Contemporary] (Mr. Zhang from Shanghai) Considering the flow of people, I said that I specifically found someone with a small number of people. Just before they were off work, there were only a quarter of them (usually). (Now) there are still a lot of things, but few people make it very convenient. It usually takes an hour or two to stroll around, but this time it takes about half an hour. I think such a current-limiting measure is very good, and it is convenient for us to buy a daily necessities for a week.

(Shanghai people) (Today is) On the weekend, I will go to work tomorrow, and then thinking that there are not many people today, I came here.

[Explanation] In addition to the boxed masks that were previously available in limited quantities, "Costco" products such as croissants and roast chicken have been officially discontinued from February 23.

[Same period]

(Reporter) (Is the roast chicken and croissant closed today or yesterday)

(Staff) today

(Customer) (Today) There are not many people, and then there are all things to buy, very complete, but I don't see roast chicken and croissants.

(Mr. Huang from Shanghai) I saw that the roast chicken was sold out, but we bought chicken drumsticks. We used to have roast chicken, so we did n’t want to buy this, we just bought some meat and everyday things, so we did n’t buy anything special. It's quite complete, no different from before.

[Explanation] According to the relevant person in charge of the supermarket, this measure is mainly to prevent unnecessary gathering of people in the supermarket. In addition, the supermarket has also implemented one-way passenger flow management and other measures for customers with handheld carts.

[Contemporary] (Reporter) (Now) Can I only go one way?

(Staff) This is the entrance, and there is the exit. If you want to go out, go out there.

(Reporter) Is the one-way passenger flow system now in effect?

(Staff) Yes

[Explanation] It is reported that at the entrance of the store, Costco will take a temperature measurement of each person who enters the store, and requires all members who enter the store to wear masks. As of 18:40 on February 23, Costco's shoppers on that day were 8,312.

Reporter Xu Yinkang Yuzhan reports from Shanghai

Editor-in-chief: [Ji Xiang]

Source: chinanews

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