While the fifth generation networks have started to gradually operate in the United States, the American market is not the largest market for smartphones that work with these networks, as China acquired the bulk of the sales of the new generation phones for telecommunications.
According to a report issued by the "Counter Point Research" for market studies, the Chinese market accounted for about half of the sales of smart phones compatible with the fifth generation networks in the world during the past year, where the Chinese electronics and communications equipment company Huawei, which also produces "Honor" phones, dominated the market. In China, it accounts for about 75% of the 5G phone sales.
CNet.com, a specialist in technology issues, pointed out that Huawei is working hard to strengthen its presence in the local market in light of the ban imposed on it in the American market, which also deprived it of the use of components and applications of American companies such as the Android operating system in its devices.
According to the report, Huawei and Honor phones were the ones that recorded sales growth in China during the past year, while iPhone and Xiaomi sales fell by more than 20% each.
The total sales of fifth generation phones in the last year reached about 19 million devices, while the number is expected to reach 199 million devices during the current year with the increase in the number of telecommunications companies that provide services for the fifth generation in various parts of the world