Mahmoud Abbas at the UN: "We reject the Israeli-American plan"

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas solemnly affirmed on February 11, 2020 before the UN Security Council that he would reject the Israeli-American peace plan, which would make a Palestinian state a "Swiss cheese"., REUTERS / Shannon Stapleton

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Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday (February 11th) rejected the Israeli-American peace plan and the redistribution envisaged by the Trump administration before the United Nations Security Council. It calls for new negotiations, under the aegis of the international community.


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Sitting at the Security Council table, Mahmoud Abbas showed the 15 members a card . This map represents the redistribution revealed by the Trump administration, reports our New York correspondent , Carrie Nooten.

" This card looks like a Swiss cheese! Really, which of you would accept this state, under these conditions? Launched the Palestinian president.

" We reject the Israeli-American plan " which " calls into question the legitimate rights of the Palestinians, " said Mahmoud Abbas, in particular denouncing the absence of East Jerusalem in a future Palestinian state. " We rejected this plan because East Jerusalem would not be part of Palestine and that is enough to refuse it, " said Mahmoud Abbas. He would make Palestine " a fragmented state ," he said, referring to a situation of " apartheid " and the absence of sovereignty for its people.

While some countries have welcomed the opportunity that the plan has created by bringing all the parties back to the table, Mahmoud Abbas has been clear: this plan cannot be a realistic basis. He then called for an international peace conference, the same as that requested two years ago, but refused by the Americans.

The Palestinian president also called for the resumption of negotiations under the aegis of the Quartet, made up of Russia, the United States, the European Union and the United Nations. He says he tried to talk to the Trump administration and now refuses to mediate from one country. Mahmoud Abbas, on the other hand, did not offer any concrete element that could serve as a working basis, which his critics accuse him of, both on the Israeli and Palestinian sides.

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