Abu Dhabi Ports reported that it is preparing for the Expo 2020 Dubai, through the completion of the new expansion of Building No. 2 of the cruise ship terminal, and the opening of the waterfront project, with expectations that the number of tourists and visitors coming to the country will double, in conjunction with the upcoming event.

She emphasized that the exhibition will positively affect all sectors, especially tourism, noting the direct impact on the services of cruise ships in all tourist stations in the country.

Positive reflections

In detail, the director of the Abu Dhabi cruise ship terminal at Port Zayed affiliated to the “Abu Dhabi Ports”, Noura Rashid Al Dhaheri, said that “Expo 2020 Dubai” will have several positive benefits and repercussions on all sectors operating in the country, especially the tourism sector.

Al Dhaheri added to «Emirates Today» that it is expected, according to current estimates, that the number of tourists and visitors coming to the country will double during the coming period, given the organization of the “Dubai Expo”, which will lead to the recovery of tourism ship services in all tourist stations The state.


Al Dhaheri stressed the readiness of “Abu Dhabi Ports” for the expected event, by working on several axes urgently, the most important of which is the work to complete the new expansion of Building No. (2) of the Abu Dhabi Cruise Ship Terminal, to accommodate the expected increase in traffic, in conjunction with Expo 2020.

She pointed out that the Abu Dhabi Tourist Ships Station is equipped with first-class services and includes a tourist information center, and a number of facilities necessary for tourists, from restaurants and shopping stores, in addition to a sufficient number of windows for checking passports and customs, to ensure the flow of transit and departure at an appropriate time for visitors.

A mix of designs

Al Dhaheri mentioned that the station's exterior appearance and interior design express the aesthetic and originality of the Emirati environment, its cultural heritage, its long history with the sea and the arts of navigation.

It stated that "Abu Dhabi Ports", during the past month, in preparation to support its role as a major destination for marine tourism in the region, and to meet the growing demand as a result of "Expo Dubai", opened the waterfront project "Marsa Mina" in Port Zayed, next to the cruise ship terminal Which is a vital gateway to the city, as the waterfront is now a vital entertainment project for tourists, citizens and residents, including the largest "graffiti" wall in Abu Dhabi.

She pointed out that this step gives a great opportunity for tourists and visitors to enjoy these pictures, which symbolize the Emirati environment and the historical culture of the region as a whole.

Small businesses

Al Dhaheri emphasized that "Abu Dhabi Ports" is keen to support the owners of national small and medium companies, as it has devoted an area from the point of "Mina Marsa" to attract businessmen with innovative commercial models, and provide facilities that help them to develop their projects and businesses.

Great growth

"Abu Dhabi Ports" expected that the tourism season 2019-2020 will witness a significant growth in the numbers of tourists coming to Abu Dhabi through cruise ships, where the emirate is expected to attract 460 thousand visitors.