• Sánchez will shield Social Security so as not to leave it in the hands of Podemos

The negotiation between the PSOE and United We can to close the details of the coalition government that have agreed is carried in the strictest confidence. But the structure is emerging behind the scenes, with a social vice-presidency for Pablo Iglesias and three ministries for the purple ones - at most four - among which it is assumed that they would occupy the Equality and Work chairs. This last portfolio would be an important political revenue for United We, but it worries the Socialists, to the point that its purpose is to separate the Social Security from this ministry if it can finally be occupied by Podemos, something that is not frowned upon by Yolanda Díaz, Ministerial that in the party placed at the forefront of Labor.

The law of silence imposed by Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias, who are the pilots of the negotiation, adds in a ruthless corset to socialists and purples. "It is up to the President of the Government to define an administrative and organizational structure," was Diaz's elusive response, when he went to present his credentials as a deputy in Congress. When questioned for that purpose of the PSOE of emptying Social Security Work, the minister of United We have not rejected. Upside down.

"It is true that on other occasions in the history of democracy the two ministries have been divided. Their powers have been distributed differently, but it is up to the president to define a program," Diaz said, who is considered fixed in all pools. From the purple party they explain that the entity and importance of Social Security is such that it would even deserve to have a ministry.

Work was already subject to disagreements and frictions between the PSOE and United We can in the failed negotiation after the generals of the month of April. It is a ministry that has always been in the demands of the Iglesias party, as it considers that it allows them to exhibit useful politics, in addition to being in tune with their ideology. However, if it is confirmed that there will be a purple minister or minister, the PSOE shuffles possibilities that go through providing the body that pays pensions with greater autonomy than it currently has through an appointment of confidence in the PSOE, sources explain in government. Another possibility is to strengthen control over its management from Economy or Finance, which includes no less than 153.8 billion euros, 42% of the State budget and a specific line in the commitments with the European Commission for debt reduction.

The fact that it ceases to be part of the portfolio that Magdalena Valerio still manages would certainly be something exceptional in Spain's democratic trajectory, but the Secretary of State could have a place in finance or economics. In the case of the Ministry of María Jesús Montero, sources from this department say that they have not received any communication in this regard, although the sum of the management of the Budgets and pensions would lead to a huge task, as reported in this newspaper.

More feasible, or at least not so complex to manage, would be the sum of Economy and Social Security. This option would leave pressure management in the hands of Nadia Calviño, which would strengthen her role as vice president.

Díaz, in any case, has been "optimistic" regarding the evolution of the negotiations. "Discretion is part of success. That negotiations are conducted with discretion is a good sign," he said. In summer the opposite situation occurred: negotiations radiated to the minute, with leaks on both sides.

In recent days, the negotiation has focused on the distribution of powers between the ministries. That is, a tug of war to determine, for example, if a housing department is created that satisfies the demands of Podemos -regulation of the rental market, evictions ...- or not; or if the separation of the Social Security of Work, as the PSOE intends, has the approval of the formation of Churches. We can have ruled out assuming Health, since their competences are largely transferred. Depending on how the competence distribution is, the purple formation could assume, in addition to the social vice presidency of Iglesias, between three or four ministries.

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