The UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has confirmed that licensees, Etisalat and du of Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company, may not charge consumers fees for the cost of repairing the network. Service outages or weaknesses due to network failure.

This came in new instructions issued by the TRA to the two companies, stressing that they should abide by in cases of service interruption or weakness due to malfunction of the telecommunications network, including mobile networks, fixed telephones and the Internet.

The authority obliged the two companies to take the necessary steps to repair the malfunction and restore the service as soon as possible, warning against imposing any fees on consumers for the cost of repairing the network.

Subscribers to telecommunications services, previously exposed to interruption of mobile services, fixed telephones and the Internet, as a result of malfunctions related to the network itself, and not related to issues directly related to consumers themselves, such as late payment of bills or obsolescence of the router «Internet» or other, inquiring from «Telecommunications Regulation» on the extent to which the licensees are entitled to impose fees for repair and visits of technicians for repair.

In addition, «Communications» organization warned, dealers, yesterday, through its account on the «Twitter», from anonymous messages, circulated through social networking sites, and includes links entice dealers with fake rewards, asking dealers not to click on those links, and ignore messages in a way Complete.

In the past two days, a number of dealers in the UAE have received messages about granting the two telecom companies in the country a free credit of 100 dirhams to all citizens, on the occasion of the 48th National Day celebrations.

These messages called for clicking on the links attached to them to get the free credit, with the introduction of personal phone numbers, and choose the company to deal with.

For its part, the company «du» to «Emirates Today» not true of these messages, pointing out that it always raises awareness among dealers, and warns of being behind rumors or false offers.