“UNIQLO” Kansai's largest store “Yunikuro” opened Kyoto November 22 16:04

Major apparel brand UNIQLO opened a new store in the center of Kyoto on the 22nd. For the first time, the indigo color used for dyeing is used for the theme color instead of the brand color red.

UNIQLO's largest Kansai store opened in a commercial facility at the corner of Kawaramachi-dori and Rokkaku-dori, a downtown area in the center of Kyoto.

The nickname is “Yunikuro” of Hiragana, not the brand color red, but the indigo color used for dyeing for the first time as the theme color of the store, with the image of Kyomachiya as the interior, such as wooden lattices, goodwill and lanterns Decorated.

In the store, in addition to the first facility in Kansai to be able to create T-shirts designed on the spot, the company wants to take up the children's clothing department and capture the demand of the family.

Naoto Kuwabara, Senior Executive Officer of Fast Retailing, which operates UNIQLO, said, “By collaborating with locals to become familiar with Kyoto, we will promote the creation of a store that has never been done before, and as a result, it will also serve overseas people. I hope you will be pleased. "