To Japan-Korea dialogue over export control

Regarding export control for South Korea, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has decided to conduct a policy dialogue with the Korean authorities, and is urgently making adjustments for an early opening. However, the difference in recognition between the two countries is significant, and the issue is how to bridge the gap.

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has decided on a policy of director-level policy dialogue on trade management with the Korean authorities on the 22nd.

At the press conference on the 22nd, Mr. Yoichi Iida, Director of Trade Management, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, expressed his desire to confirm whether the Korean trade management system has been improved at the policy dialogue.

On that basis, with regard to measures that tightened export control of three items such as semiconductor raw materials and measures that excluded South Korea from the preferential countries, “The appropriate review of the Korean side makes it possible to review the review. There is no conclusion or prognosis that there will be a return to a preferential country, ”stressing that policy dialogue is not a forum for negotiations.

However, South Korea has shown its stance to ask Japan to withdraw stricter export controls through policy dialogue.

The difference between the two countries regarding the trade management system and policy dialogue is huge, and how to fill the gap will be an issue in the future.