Lufthansa has announced a compromise in the tariff dispute with the flight operator union Ufo. The company announced that it would withdraw its status suit against Ufo, which was pending before the Hesse Land Labor Court, next Monday.

"In this way, we want to send a signal of de-escalation and open up solution rooms in a difficult, deadlocked situation." Especially in the interests of our cabin employees, we need concrete results for urgent issues, which can only be achieved through dialogue, "said board member Detlef Kayser. The procedure was to review Ufo's trade union status in April, which has been concluding collective agreements for cabin crew members since 2002 in the Lufthansa Group.

Ufo responded soberly to the announcement of Lufthansa and reiterated that until 28. November does not want to make any provocative releases. "It is only through this circumstance that we can not comment further." For the Lufthansa report proclaims only a matter of course, which was communicated in a recent press conference recently.

The withdrawal of the action was already part of an agreement already reached, but this has been taken back this week. Further personal disputes, which Lufthansa leads with UFOs responsible, are to be excluded from the withdrawal.

Ufo threatens strikes in the run-up to Christmas

The company and the union are deeply divided. It was not until the night of Tuesday that a conciliation previously agreed in long negotiations had burst again. Ufo threatened with strikes in the Vorweihnachtszeit starting next Thursday, should the airline signal no compliance.

The union accused the airline of blackmail, because they have demanded without further counter-strike compensation at four Lufthansa subsidiariesEurowings, German Wings, SunExpress and CityLine. Lufthansa stated that the trade union commitment made no commitments to peace.

In the conflict, there has already been a warning strike at four Lufthansa subsidiaries and a two-day strike at the core company Lufthansagegeben. Just over two weeks ago, around 1,500 flights with about 200,000 passengers were out of action. The UFO announced to settle the arbitration again on the former Brandenburg Prime Minister Matthias Platzeck (SPD). Platzeck should act as a lunatic for the union, said UFO spokesman Nicoley Baublies. The former SPD leader had already mediated in the conflict about four years ago.

As the mirror reports, UFO and Lufthansa had originally agreed on the former SPD leader Martin Schulz as the sole arbitrator, said the UFO spokesman. But then the airline has declared that she nevertheless wanted a double tip with two mediators. Lufthansa did not comment on this and did not comment on which arbitrator they want to name.