As Christmas approaches, the share of gifts purchased on the Internet will climb further. In ten years, it has been multiplied by four. But behind the emblematic Amazon, more traditional actors, like Leclerc or Carrefour, are organized and develop.


The month of December is fast approaching, and with him, the Christmas party ... and his gifts. But where will you buy your gifts? There is a good chance that it is at home, on a screen. Because this Christmas 2020 has to cross the bar of 1,000 billion online purchases in France, including 20 only at Christmas.

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"In ten years, e-commerce has quadrupled and it continues on a frenetic pace of double-digit growth.Ecommerce is becoming more democratic, gaining market share in store sales on a monthly basis. is buying everything, including more and more food products Behavior is changing: more than 400 million orders were placed over the Internet this quarter, including 40% from a smartphone and all these figures will naturally benefit Amazon.

"Internet can allow traditional commerce to resist"

Its turnover in France is estimated at 7 billion euros. The good news, however, is that the American giant is far from dominant, contrary to what is believed. There are many other actors like Cdiscount, which belongs to Casino, Venteprivée, the FNAC. Not forgetting of course the classic brands like Leclerc or Carrefour as well as specialized distributors like Décathlon. They are also developing. What they lose in their stores in hard, they regain it partly on Internet, for example in the drives where one recovers in store the orders placed online. Do not be alarmist: the Internet does not kill trade hard, it can even allow it to resist.