Sales managers at aviation companies said that demand growth in the sector, particularly in terms of supplies, as well as the expansion of some international airlines, have helped to reduce the impact of the global economic slowdown since the beginning of this year.

They told Emirates Today on the sidelines of the Dubai Airshow 2019, which concluded yesterday, that their companies registered sales growth of between 5 and 15% this year, expecting in accordance with the current contracts, continued growth rates Next year, but with fewer indicators than the last two years.


Paul Woods, director of sales at Stace International, said the slowdown and volatility of global economies had not had a noticeable impact on business and industry since the beginning of the year, driven by continued growth in demand for the sector as a whole and the expansion of some airlines. Global sales, which led to a growth in sales of the company is expected to reach about 15% by the end of this year, compared to last year.

Woods added that «the company has expanded in several different markets this year, most notably Singapore, especially in terms of supply of support for commercial and private aircraft».

He predicted that sales growth rates will continue in the coming year, in line with the company's contracts to supply in 2020, even with the expectations of continued slow global economies, according to several international reports.

Sun Wayne's overseas sales manager, Carrie Tang, agreed with Woods that the slowing global economy has not had a significant impact on aviation supply sales growth as demand for various commercial and military sales continues.


Zahu Liang, director of sales at Hang Ho Aircraft Supply Technologies, said continued demand in the aviation supply sector was one of the key factors that boosted sales growth of 5-10 percent, despite the global economic slowdown. Earlier this year, he pointed out that the magnitude and diversity of the aviation sector could be one of the things that made it not much affected by economic fluctuations.

Andrew Hulk, Marketing Director of Jane Jet International, said the company has recorded a 5% growth in sales since the beginning of the year, noting that there was no significant impact on supply operations in the aviation sector due to the slowing economy.

He said there could be some limited impact in the small private jet sector, which relies on charter operations.

Limited effects

According to Wayne Walker, Middle East sales manager for BPG Aerospace Industries and Supply, Wayne Walker said sales growth at the end of this year will be lower than in the past two years, indicating that the effects of the global economic slowdown on the aviation sector are limited. It has not prevented companies from continuing to record growth even less than years ago.

Two key factors

Adrian Mansfield, VH Global's Middle East Division Director, said that despite the slowdown in the global economy, airlines' sales and growth continued to be unevenly affected by two main factors. The first is the flexibility of the transactions followed by a number of companies in applying price cuts. Helping to continue sales, the second factor was the continued demand in the sector, with the expansion of a large number of international airlines.