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Supporters of Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu gathered in front of his home after the announcement of his indictment, November 21, 2019. REUTERS / Ronen Zvulun

The Israeli prime minister was indicted yesterday Thursday in three different cases for corruption, fraud and breach of trust. This is the first time in Israel's history that a current head of government is indicted. An earthquake for the Likud and the political class. Decryption.

A word appears this morning on the front pages of all the newspapers, all the media: " corruption ". The State of Israel against Benyamin Netanyahu. And also the very strong reaction of the Israeli Prime Minister: " it is an attempted coup ," reports our Jerusalem correspondent, Michel Paul. " Israeli legislation does not provide for this scenario. The defendant is also the prime minister, "notes an editorialist. Another commentator is worried about Netanyahu's tactic of " scorched earth ". Like Nero, he is going to contemplate the whole country in flames before he agrees to leave the official residence on Balfour Street in Jerusalem.

" This is a new era that is opening, " said Israel Hayom , the paper close to power. " It's a dangerous time, " adds the author of the article. " A sad day ," say several columnists, but also an " important event in the history of the country ." " This is only the beginning " Yediot Aharonot title.

The election campaign has just begun in the Israeli political class, many voices in the opposition rise to demand the resignation of Netanyahu. Several articles stress that challenges are also being thrown at him within his own Likud party. And Haaretz , the liberal daily, concludes his editorial proclaiming: " We must put an end to the Prime Minister's campaign of destruction. And at the earliest. "

In Likud, a " culture of the chef "

According to historian Frédérique Schillo, a specialist in Israel, this " political earthquake that could well change the balance of power within the Likud itself ".

" Even before this indictment, it was perhaps a question of a primary inside Likud. One of Netanyahu's main rivals, Gideon Sa'ar said he was ready to run against Netanyahu in a primary. The problem is that the Likud is behind the leader, there is a culture on the right of the leader, and there is a loyalty, even in a moment like the one we are living now. But, nevertheless, there will undoubtedly be slingers.

In Likud, politicians and then voters have begun to see that this is not sustainable and that Benjamin Netanyahu has already lost two elections. They could probably lose the next ones again. The question is: will slingers come out of the wood?

Today, Benjamin Netanyahu has made sure that there are no successors, because he cut off the heads that went beyond, and he reigns with the fear he inspires. One wonders if slingers could dare to challenge him today. "

Benyamin Netanyahu will cling to power

But despite this historic decision of justice, the upheaval of the Israeli political landscape is not for tomorrow.

" New elections are coming, but there is reason to fear that despite this political earthquake, Binyamin Netanyahu will cling to power and the blocs will not change. Today we are moving towards elections in early 2020 and it would always be the same leaders at the head of both the opposition, Benny Gantz, with a left center block and then on the other side, Benyamin Netanyahu who will want to assume again the head of Likud and a big block of right.

So, despite this upheaval that challenges the institutions, because it is quite untenable that a prime minister indicted remains the head of the state, but nevertheless he will and he will want to remain. I fear that, in spite of everything, it will take time before it has a real effective change in Israeli political life. "