The comprehensive settlement agreed last week for the flight attendants of Lufthansa broke at the last minute. Lufthansa withdrew its consent because previously the union Ufo had not declared clearly and indefinitely to a strike waiver at four Lufthansa subsidiaries. A UFO spokesman spoke of "extortion" by Lufthansa, which had demanded "without further consideration" a complete strike waiver also at the four Lufthansa subsidiaries.

According to a Lufthansa spokesman, the company continues to hold on to the unilaterally triggered so-called "small conciliation", which should focus exclusively on the few tariff topics for which Ufo had held a two-day strike two weeks ago. This included more expenses and allowances for the flight attendants and change opportunities for seasonal workers in regular employment.

Last Tuesday, both sides had agreed on a comprehensive arbitration on many more topics as well as an additional moderation at the Lufthansa core company. The wage disputes between the union and the Lufthansa subsidiaries Eurowings, Germanwings, SunExpress and CityLine did not affect the agreement. The agreed peace obligation should now be extended to the group subsidiaries.

Ufo now wants to evaluate the new situation internally. Abandoning mediation could not be the last word, said the UFO spokesman. He pointed out that for the four Lufthansa subsidiaries no peace obligation applies and therefore strikes were again possible. At Lufthansa, the cabin is in the peace obligation, but nevertheless entitled to warning strikes.

Ufo organized a 48-hour strike at the core company in early November, also to bring the airline to the negotiating table. Lufthansa had to cancel 1500 flights, 200,000 passengers were affected. Lufthansa boss Carsten Spohr had tried in vain to have the strike outlawed. On the first strike day, he then offered talks about arbitration.