While traditional leather no longer has the coast, an SME Lyon has decided to exploit the 50,000 tons of annual waste from the French consumption of fish to make a marine leather, as explained Jean-Pierre Montanay in his chronicle "Waiting tomorrow," this Monday morning.

After the pineapple leather, here is the tanned fish skin. This is what an SME from Lyons, Ictyos, has decided to exploit the 50,000 tons of annual waste from French consumption. The French company is recovering skin and fish bones condemned to end up in garbage cans. The result looks very much like a superb soft lizard leather. And that does not stop the master stroke of these three chemical engineers: they have developed a tannery working not with polluting metals but with vegetable matter.

This is a good counter-foot, while the traditional leather has more coast, victim of the phenomenon vegan. Let's say it, traditional leather is downright undesirable and not really ecological. This industry causes the death of a billion animals each year ... not to mention the tanneries that contaminate the rivers with their wastewater.

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That the customers reassure themselves, the marine leather does not feel the fish nor the tide!

The world of fashion and luxury has understood, and Ictyos, with its leather, intends to seduce them with its products. Designers and major Swiss and Italian companies have already fallen in love with the first samples. So the vegan and bobo-cool spirits will undoubtedly be filled by this durable leather. Now we have to make the pill swallow more bling-bling, Russian, Chinese or Middle Eastern customers ... Will they rush on skins recovered from fish shops and offload several thousand euros for a watch in gold with a bracelet of sturgeon skin or salmon?

That they reassure themselves, the marine leather feels neither the fish nor the tide. But I called a very prestigious French brand to know if she intended to rethink her classics to create sardine skin hit bags: I'm still waiting for the answer ...