The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has received 23.3 thousand complaints from Etisalat and du customers in the first 10 months of this year, with more than 95% of them resolved, according to data released today. It said that it received about 23,327 complaints for the period from January to October last year, the share of «Etisalat» complaints about its services amounted to 10,537 complaints, compared to about 12,790 complaints to «du» during the same period.
More than 95% of Etisalat and du customers' complaints about mobile, fixed and Internet services have been resolved.
It noted that 95.65% of complaints filed by Etisalat customers were closed after finding solutions to them, while 95.68% of complaints filed by du customers were closed after being resolved, according to TRA data.
Last year, the TRA received 29,676 complaints, of which 12,569 were against Etisalat, compared to 16,498 for du during the same period.