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French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Macron on the steps of the Elysée, Paris, October 13, 2019. ludovic MARIN / AFP

Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel on Sunday (October 13th) called on Turkey to stop its operation against Kurdish forces in Syria. An offensive that " risks creating an unsustainable humanitarian situation and helping Daesh to re-emerge, " said Emmanuel Macron.

What European reaction to the Turkish offensive in northern Syria? France and Germany find themselves stuck between Turkey, NATO ally, and the United States of Donald Trump, who have decided to withdraw from Syria.

" We exchanged, which together with President Trump, who together with President Erdogan and we passed the clear message of our common desire that this offensive cease, " said French President Emmanuel Macron, before a dinner with German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the Élysée.

Emmanuel Macron underlined the double risk, according to him, of the Turkish offensive: "to create unsustainable humanitarian situations " and "to help Daech to re-emerge in the region ".

Macron convenes a small defense council

The French president convened for 22h a small defense council on Syria. It will bring together Prime Minister Philippe Philippe, the Ministers of Justice, Foreign Affairs, Armies and the Interior, as well as the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, Admiral Rogel.

" I spoke with President Erdogan for one hour, " said Angela Merkel. We must take into account the interests and security of Turkey. But we also think that we must put an end to this Turkish invasion, because there are humanitarian reasons and we can not accept this situation against the Kurds. "

Rome calls for EU moratorium on arms sales

The French president also insisted on the " coordinated " will to " signify to the Turks the end of all our arms sales ". Emmanuel Macron also called on Europeans to unite in " this difficult and sometimes disturbing European and international moment ".

At the same time in Rome, the head of the Italian government Giuseppe Conte wished " as soon as possible " the establishment of a " moratorium on arms sales to Turkey " within the framework of the European Union. Allusion to both the meeting of EU foreign ministers on Monday and the EU summit on Thursday and Friday.

" The Italian government, " insisted Giuseppe Conte, " is convinced that we must act with the utmost determination to avoid further suffering for the Syrian people, in particular Kurds, and to combat actions destabilizing the region. "

On the fifth day of their attack, Turkish forces and their local allies advanced deep into Syria on Sunday. They seem poised to complete the first phase of their offensive against Kurdish forces, released by Washington, which announced the withdrawal of nearly 1,000 soldiers from northern Syria.

Kurdish authorities have reported the escape of nearly 800 ISIS jihadist relatives from an IDP camp.

(With AFP)