Emirates Group has confirmed that it aims to become the preferred employer for UAE nationals, pointing out that there are currently 3200 jobs available to UAE nationals, mostly in the field of air hospitality with salaries starting from about 18 thousand dirhams per month.

The group said during a meeting with the local media, that about 3000 UAE nationals are currently working in senior positions in various departments and disciplines, including 677 working in aviation operations, including pilots, in addition to 556 engineers in the UAE engineering department working on the maintenance and repair of aircraft .

Emiratization strategy

Abdul Aziz Al Ali, Executive Vice President of Human Resources at Emirates Group, said that the group continues to work on its Emiratisation strategy, pointing out that more than 3,200 jobs are currently available to UAE nationals to work in various fields.

Al Ali said during a meeting with local media in Dubai yesterday, that the hospitality industry holds most of these jobs by more than 90%, in addition to other jobs in the areas of administrative and logistics. He explained that citizens wishing to work in the group, can apply for new jobs in various fields, through the website (www.emiratesgroupcareers.com), pointing out that the human resources department in the group will work in the coming period to provide special facilities to attract citizens to the hospitality sector Include your dress design, and other procedures.

Salary «Hospitality»

Al Ali pointed out that the salaries of citizens wishing to join the hospitality sector start from about 18 thousand dirhams per month to increase with career development, among other benefits, pointing out that more citizens are needed to work in this field.

He added that the members of the various positions are undergoing training courses to familiarize them with their tasks and qualify them for work.He explained that the training of the members of the air hospitality includes an eight-week course, covering all aspects related to their work, the most important of which are safety and security systems, emergency procedures and first aid, in addition to hospitality.

Air service

Al Ali said that there are more than 23,000 people employed by Emirates in the field of air service, 65 of whom are UAE nationals, pointing out that the Emiratisation policy in the group is ongoing and has succeeded in qualifying cadres who currently hold senior management positions.

He stressed that the group has an open budget regarding Emiratisation on the instructions of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority and Chief Executive Officer of Emirates Airlines and the group, noting that the group is investing AED 1.4 million to qualify a national pilot and 1.3 million. AED to qualify a citizen pilot engineer.

Senior positions

Al Ali explained that about 3000 UAE nationals are currently working for the Emirates Group in senior positions and in various departments and disciplines, including 677 in aviation operations, including pilots working and trainees and staff at the Emirates Academy for the training of pilots, in addition to 556 engineers in the Emirates Engineering Department working on Maintenance and repair of aircraft, as well as 266 nationals in airport operations, and 224 in the IT sector in the Emirates Group.

He added that 209 citizens currently work in the airport services sector, 142 in the commercial department, 171 in the human resources department and 669 in various departments.

Al Ali stressed that there are no restrictions on the employment of citizens, but the gradual aim is to develop their skills with the importance of increasing numbers.

Miscellaneous roles

Al Ali pointed out that Emirati employees occupy a variety of roles within the group, including senior management positions, where citizens in the position of vice president of 22% of the total number, 27% in the position of senior vice president, and 40% in the position of senior vice president And 80% as Executive Vice President.

"My trip"

“Over the years, we have developed a strategy for Emiratisation that has provided a structured framework that allows us to measure and evaluate the long-term effectiveness of our programs, and we have launched our Emiratisation strategy, which we have called (My Trip), to ensure that people have the right opportunities,” said Al Ali. He added that the strategy includes three stages: planning, development and retention of UAE nationals and their status in various centers. He explained that whether they are high school graduates or holders of bachelor's degrees, the Emirates Group ensures their training and access to education, and provide them with the necessary support for growth within the group.

Future plans

Al Ali said: “We have strong future plans for citizens who will enter the labor market, such as agreements with government and educational institutions to attract the best talent, use our relationships with international companies to develop programs for development, improve national development systems, and design a strong plan for future career progression to maintain national talent. ».

He noted that the group has offered scholarships and other internal programs to its national employees, such as the Aviation Management Program, the Supply Chain Program, and the Technology Program.

Favorite workplace

Emirates Group said it aims to become the preferred employer for UAE nationals by building a permanent foundation for success in the recruitment, development and progress of UAE nationals.

12 citizens occupy leadership positions in business operations

Emirates Airline today announced appointments and changes to its commercial operations team to enhance its capabilities to better serve its customers across its global network and respond flexibly to opportunities in various markets. UAE nationals now take leadership roles in Emirates' commercial operations team.

She added that the 12 citizens have been working with the national carrier for more than 10 years, and most of them are graduates of the management training program for university citizens, noting that they have occupied different positions and elevated the career ladder quite well.

Advantages and benefits

The Executive Vice President of Human Resources at Emirates Group, Abdulaziz Al Ali, explained that the benefits and benefits enjoyed by UAE nationals include a special allowance for UAE nationals, as well as a special allowance for workers working in shifts or outside stations, in addition to a financial loan without Benefit, a pension system with paid study leave and examinations, as well as unpaid study leave, leave to accompany a patient for treatment abroad, as well as other benefits by degree, including annual tickets, years of service, and medical and educational benefits.

Qualified national staff received an education allowance for children 4 and 5.

The most powerful programs

The Executive Vice President of Human Resources at Emirates Group, Abdulaziz Al Ali, said that the Emirates Group offers the strongest and most comprehensive career development programs for its national employees of all positions and grades. He explained that these programs include: the program of the external station managers, the program of airport service managers for the external stations, the program of shipping for the external stations, the engineering program, the program «Dnata» Travel, the program of airport services, the program «Pioneers» in the security department, and the future program and culture of « In addition to strategic services development programs for airport and airline executives from Airbus, leadership development and business management from Rolls Royce, among others.


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