On Saturday, the validation codes sent to your mobile phone by your bank every online purchase, considered less secure, will disappear. They will be replaced by a new system.

Consumers of online shopping often secure their payments via a code received by SMS they must copy in a dedicated window. In France, 40% of Internet purchases are made this way. This system, considered less secure by the European Commission, will disappear Saturday.

Internet hackers are indeed able to retrieve credit card numbers, associated with mobile phone numbers, and therefore receive SMS.

A notification requests to authenticate with its biometric data

SMS authentication will be replaced by a new device called "digital key". Understand: in the future, everything will be done on the mobile application of the bank. Société Générale, BNPP, BPCE or HSBC have in particular already developed authentication mechanisms within their applications. At the moment of paying, one receives a notification on its application which asks to be identified by a code or by biometric data (fingerprint, facial or vocal recognition ...). A system considered as much more practical and intuitive.

Another track envisaged for those who have no application or smartphone: send a secret code by post to transcribe each payment.