The UAE ambassador to Rwanda, Hazza Al-Qahtani, said that the volume of trade exchange between the two countries recorded a remarkable increase during 2018, reaching about 434.8 million dollars, stressing that the relations between the two countries have developed since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1995.

Al-Qahtani explained that the opening of the UAE Embassy in Kigali in March 2018, in the presence of His Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, contributed to the strengthening of bilateral relations and the development of cooperation with Rwanda in all fields.

He added that the UAE sees great potential to enhance its cooperation with Rwanda through cooperation in a range of economic and investment fields, including agriculture, education, infrastructure and tourism, pointing out that the bilateral non-oil trade rose between 2014 and 2016, from $ 30 million To $ 200 million, with the signing of important economic agreements, such as protecting investments and avoiding double taxation, the volume of trade exchange between the two countries is on the rise.

Rwanda's achievements

Al-Qahtani, during a press conference at the new embassy in Kigali, pointed out that Rwanda has succeeded in achieving many achievements that have attracted multiple investments, and has witnessed a number of changes that have made it the leader of African tourism, as well as occupying advanced positions in Africa in terms of ease of investment, According to the World Economic Classification, it ranked 29th in the world in terms of ease of setting up investment projects and business, according to the World Bank's business assessment index for the current year, and the rate of economic growth in 2018 about 8.2%, according to IMF statistics. It took only 43 to four days to set up a business in Rwanda, pointing out that Rwanda is the leading African country in attracting businessmen, according to the report of the Common Market of Africa, providing an integrated investment climate, and multiple opportunities in the sectors of business, energy and manufacturing, ICT and mining. , Tourism infrastructure, real estate and construction.

A unique partnership

He stressed that the UAE and Rwanda have a strong common desire to support the sustainable development of the two countries and the region, and to strengthen their cooperation agreements, which began with a unique partnership in the transport and logistics sector, by granting DP World a 25-year concession to develop and operate a new logistics center in Kigali.

During the visit of His Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan to the opening of the Embassy in Kigali, His Highness witnessed the signing of a memorandum of understanding to provide 20 scholarships for Rwandan students at the UAE University and another memorandum of understanding to provide vocational training for 100 Rwandan women in the field of tourism and hospitality. There is also an agreement between the two countries to protect investments, an agreement to avoid double taxation, a memorandum of understanding on the exemption of citizens of the country from holders of diplomatic, special, important and ordinary passports, and Rwandan citizens holding diplomatic passports from the pre-entry visa of both countries. Liu last Memorandum of Understanding to increase cooperation in the field of recruitment of Rwandan labor and employment in the UAE private sector, as well as strengthening cooperation in the strong sector workforce in the coming period », pointing out that the UAE visit Rwanda with the aim of tourism.

Investment opportunities

Al-Qahtani praised the visit of the expanded trade mission organized by Dubai Export Development Corporation, one of Dubai's economic institutions, to the Rwandan capital Kigali, stressing the active role played by the organization in exploring the developing African markets that support the growth opportunities and expansion of the UAE source.

He said the visit opens the door for exporters and companies to explore investment opportunities in Rwanda, supports the promotion of diversified export and trade opportunities between Rwanda and companies operating in the UAE, and paves the way for formal meetings with Rwandan officials in the public and private sectors to build partnerships and business relations between the business community. In both countries, the promotion of mutual trade and investment cooperation.

Communities continue

Al-Qahtani pointed out that the Rwandans' perception of the UAE and its citizens comes through communication between the two communities, which takes place through various forms, including what some Rwandans who travel frequently to the UAE, whether for tourism or trade, as well as residents living on the land of the UAE, feel. The values ​​of tolerance and fraternity and enjoy a decent life and respect, the laws of the State guarantees to all justice, respect and equality.

He added that the Rwandans view the UAE as one of the few countries that have managed to secure its place in the list of leading countries in spreading the values ​​of tolerance and love, and since its establishment has provided a living model of tolerance, which makes it a part of the personality of the state and its citizens, and those who reside on its territory, especially since The UAE has developed legislative and legal frameworks that support the humanitarian and civilizational aspects, and criminalizes all forms of intolerance, repudiation or insulting the other.

Al-Qahtani also pointed to the UAE's humanitarian giving to Africa through voluntary and charitable institutions, which represented a humanitarian bridge that eased many of the suffering of the peoples of the world due to disasters, poverty, famine and wars.

Rwandan participation in Expo 2020 Dubai

The UAE Ambassador to Rwanda, Hazza Al-Qahtani, said that Rwandan participation in Expo 2020 Dubai is effective as it is one of the countries that support Expo 2020 Dubai and participate in it. Support began with the real and practical start when Kigali contributed to the African consensus on voting. The UAE is hosting the World Expo, which means more opportunities for investment and partnership for many African companies and investors from the African continent.

He pointed out that Kigali was a share of the World Expo 2020 Dubai Council, which hosted the 8th World Council session held in March 2019, and met leaders of the present and future from across Africa and the UAE at the Kigali Public Library, to discuss the changing nature of how to develop and benefit from talent. , And the leading role that Africa plays in communication between small and large companies, and between governments and independent platforms.