Ryanair dismisses the four crew members of a flight in Palma that was canceled due to fatigue

Ryanair, the largest low-cost European airline and the one with the most passengers in Spain, has tensed its relations with the workforce 10 days after the first convocation of

Ryanair plane next to a control tower ROBERTO PEREZEL MUNDO

He has tensed his relations with the staff to 10 days of the first call for strike of cabin crew that will suffer in its history

So Ryanair presses Spanish crew to stop the strike in Portugal: "It would break your contract"

Ryanair, the largest low-cost European airline and the one with the most passengers in Spain, has tensed its relations with the workforce 10 days after the first strike of Crewmen of Cabin (TPC) that will suffer in its history. The company has notified the dismissal of 4 cabin crew members who operated on a flight in Palma on July 8 and who declared the aircraft commander to feel fatigued when exceeding the maximum hours allowed by law.

The chief operations pilot in Dublin gave the go-ahead for the TCP option. The decision of Ryanair is part of a growing climate of tension with its entire staff since last year. To the strikes of pilots in Ireland, cabin crew have joined with calls for strikes on 25 and 26 July in 4 countries, including Spain.

Accompanying the dismissal of the crew of Palma, the airline chaired by Michael O'Leary sent on July 11 a notification to all its crew advising of the possibility of dismissals after the crew of a flight in Palma de Mallorca decided not to continue flying by fatigue.

As this newspaper has learned, after experiencing a series of delays in the previous journeys unrelated to the crew, the commander was obliged to ask if they could continue the operation planned by the company for that day and start a new journey.

This crew has just exceeded the limitation of hours established by the Irish Authority of Aviation and the Easa (European Security Agency), and decided to respond to the commander that the fatigue did not allow them to undertake the next flight of the day.

The commander, as the highest authority on board, acted "at his discretion", as stated in the regulations, and made the decision to cancel the flight . Usually companies put other crews when an event occurs on the verge of compliance with the legal hours of flight or provide accommodation to the affected passengers, according to Ernesto Iglesias, responsible for the flight of the air sector.

And is that Iglesias explains that "work at 3,500 meters, subjected to four daily pressure changes after two takeoffs and two landings per day subject the body to dilatations and changes that multiply the fatigue and that have been a consequence in the past of accidents aerial ".

The company's response to the decision not to fly was not long in coming. At a time when it has a strike of pilots in Ireland and 48 of stoppages of cabin crew in Spain, Belgium, Italy and Portugal, has sent the aforementioned notice in which it prevents its staff of what may become of this type of decisions. "This behavior is not acceptable and can not be tolerated , the cabin crew has no right to decide which flights are operated and which are not . "

Ryanair warns in his letter that "in the last two weeks some crews have refused to complete their task" assuming that they have the discretion to do so. "This right has led to the delay / cancellation of flights," says the airline, regardless of the company's position, which has caused "unacceptable inconveniences for our passengers ."

Consequently, "any refusal will be dealt with through the appropriate disciplinary procedure " and even, it notifies the Irish low cost to its personnel, which may include "dismissal".

However, the head of Ryanair's Flight Operations apologizes for having to call attention to this type of events. He appreciates the hard work before the situation of strikes facing the airline, but notes that "there are a small number of crews who think of their comfort ahead of our passengers, our passengers and their interests are always ahead."

From the USO union they have sent a circular to Ryanair in which they warn him that "threats are not the way to address his staff", especially when the prerogative of "not continue flying for a reason of fatigue and not to put danger security is even collected in the manuals of Ryanair itself, "explains Iglesias.

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