Delays in trains: Ronald Pofalla is to take on crisis management at Deutsche Bahn

Broken or delayed trains: Infrastructure Director Ronald Pofalla should, according to a media report, the problems of Deutsche Bahn by summer to get a grip on - as a cross-company crisis manager.

One in four long-distance trains is delayed, there are often technical deficiencies, there is a shortage of staff - and money: infrastructure manager Ronald Pofalla will now be managing the many problems at Deutsche Bahn as a group-wide crisis manager until the summer.

According to information from the "Bild am Sonntag", the ex-chancellery head of the office has agreed with railway CEO Richard Lutz. The management of the state-owned company was recently repeatedly criticized for lack of punctuality and defective trains. In November, only 70 percent of the trains went according to plan.

On Tuesday, Lutz, Pofalla and CFO Alexander Doll in the Ministry of Transport Andreas Scheuer (CSU) to present a concept how they want to get the problems under control. Most recently, Minister Scheuer had warned that the quality of rail travel had to rise again as soon as possible. As the owner, the Confederation also sits with representatives on the Supervisory Board and thus controls the management.

Railway CEO Lutz said meanwhile, he was confident that the train in the first half of this year will get better step by step. For 2019, a punctuality target in long-distance transport of 76.5 percent is targeted, Lutz told the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung". "In the short term, among other things, more personnel will help, as well as better construction site and vehicle management."

For 2018, the railroad had set the goal that 80 percent of the trains should be punctual - on average, there were 75 percent this year.

An analysis by the Federal Ministry of the Interior also revealed that the number of violent attacks on railway personnel has increased significantly. "This is now a single catastrophic event," scolded rail supervisory board Klaus-Dieter Hommel recently, who is also vice-chairman of the Railway and Transport Union (EVG).

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Pofalla was recently in the criticism when he took on an additional job in the Commission of the Federal Government to the coal exit. Although the railway overseers nodded his side-job unanimously, Pofalla had to promise that he would take on fewer commitments in the coal commission than his local co-chairs.