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Danes rage over children's television about the world's longest penis

2021-1-4 19:39:37

A new Danish TV series for children has provoked strong reactions. It's about the animated old man John Dillerman - who has the world's longest penis.

Last Saturday, the animated TV series John Dillermand premiered on the Danish public service channel for children, DR Ramasjang.

The discussion thereafter has been about whether the subject is suitable, as it is aimed at children between the ages of four and eight.

The series is about John Dillermand who has the world's longest penis and as the intro song promises, there is "almost nothing he can not do with it".

In the TV series, John's penis moves forward when he needs a longer leash for the dogs or when a neighbor needs help raising the flag.

Sometimes it lives its own life and then it becomes embarrassing, like when it steals an ice cream from a child.

Strong reactions on social media

On the TV channel's own Facebook page, there is both praise and praise from viewers.

Several write that they are shaken by the inappropriate content, some call it pornographic, and one writes that this will be the last time the children get to watch the children's channel.

Some are worried that their children will expose themselves, and others are afraid that DR will provide a tool for pedophiles.

Others write that their children thought the series was funny, and that it is the adult world that puts John Dillermand in a sexual context.

Will not be unpublished

A total of 20 episodes of the series will be broadcast, and several of them have already been published on the site.

Morten Skov Hansen, head of DR Ramasjang, tells DR Kultur that the series will continue as planned.

He also says that, among other things, Sex & samfund, an organization that can be compared to RFSU in Sweden, has been involved in the preparatory work, and that DR is satisfied with the result.

ref: svt